Monday, 17 August 2015

Universally Friendly

Universally Friendly

Quote of the day

‘Universally Friendly is a circle of Friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. It is a reference library of information to clear your doubt, to help you get about, to block out your inhibitors and to help you remain devout’

To find a source of inspiration daily is hard. Sometimes noted Mentors ask for too much for just a simple hand. Sometimes too the information received may not be apt for your needs. Dear Friends, I know well what it is to have answers that are inconclusive. I know what it is to be physically and mentally abused. I know what it is to be without shoes, homeless, hungry, angry, poor, ill, bereaved, sad or unemployed. I know what it feels to be humiliated publicly, trampled immorally, ejected physically, tormented daily, beaten regularly and intimidated aggressively and to be conned intentionally. As I have always stated to every right there is always an opposing wrong and to every wrong there will be a right to annul it. When you do wrong you need to put it right, but how. What is right and what is wrong? If I am in doubt I always ask myself did I do the right thing. Knowing right from wrong is an important part of your daily routine. You cannot hurt someone to assert your point of view. You cannot cause pain to gain from another individual. You cannot steal to win that lucrative deal. You cannot be candour if you slander, what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander. You cannot bully someone or pull the wool over their eyes. These are examples of rights and wrongs. Dear friends every second of your achievements is recorded on an infinitely long tape. To do good only enhances your programme on Earth and in the afterlife. So why do bad things if nothing comes of it. Why create enemies when friends are better. Why steal when you can earn something you need through hard work. Universally Friendly is indeed your library of inspirational content to help you decipher good from bad. Universally Friendly is your bank of information answering questions that remain a conjecture for so long. Universally Friendly is about caring, sharing and remaining fair. It is about finding the right answer to the right question. It is about providing conclusive answers to questions that remained an enigma over time. Having the right answers always gives you that inner boost of self-confidence to work steadily and conscientiously. In the video depicted above do any of those brand of enigmatic questions worries you. What are your worries? I asked you to write them down on a piece of paper several days ago. Universally Friendly has the bespoke answers for you, to help you understand the meaning of life. I am so delighted to be here on the face of our planet exercising my role a servant of our Heavenly Father in the best possible way. Yet over 20 years ago all I could think of was taking my life away. I lost hope. I was homeless, penniless and destitute. What a fool I would have been if I did take my life away. I would certainly have created a void in space and time. I would have been selfish and I would have behaved like a coward. Today unfortunately many people feel the same as I did. They seek answers but get lies. They seek fortune but find misfortune. They seek to be fed by often get misled. They try to find hope to cope but usually end up walking a tight rope. They bereave, they try to believe in themselves and regretfully achieve nothing. Dear Friends, help is now here, just with a few taps on your QWERTY keyboard. I set up Universally Friendly some 20 years ago to create an avenue of hope for people that are facing difficulties but do not have the courage to overcome them. I wanted to give back to society what I received from the Heavens above. I wanted to share answers that were truthful. I wanted to show my friends the right way to create wealth and good health. I wanted to overcome poverty with equality. I wanted to see homelessness banished with wholeness, goodness, kindness, politeness, humbleness and holiness. Today Universally Friendly is expanding its wings to create more resources for you.

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