Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Universe is Opulent

The Universe is Opulent

Quote of the day

‘You can have anything that you want in life, you just need the courage to know you can. Open the door to wealth and you shall have an abundance of it. Open the door to good health and you shall walk tall knowing that you are sound and fecund.’

You can have anything that you want, all you have to do is to attract it towards you. Need a car, than create it in your mind. Fill the body with a colour of your choice, instil into the dashboard the ultimate technology to suit your needs and fill the bonnet with your personal touch. Do you need a home, then create one in your mind. Classify it according to your needs and create your living space according to your living tastes. Anything that you want in life can be yours but that ‘want’ has to be genuine. It has to emanate from the bottom of your heart with a vibrant tone that equates to your real passion and desire. Many people go to bed without food, without shelter, without clothes, without hope and without a glimmer of cheerfulness or a smile. I was like this for many years and believed that the opulence of The Universe was for a selected few. When I was a young boy I always used to wonder why I not had a birthday party or a toy for Christmas. I used to often wonder why I walked the streets without a pair of shoes or why would I go to bed feeling hungry. I used to wonder why I did not go to a good school where my Peers could unselfishly impart valuable knowledge to me. I am sure everyone including you will have a tale to tell yet the Universe is opulent, pouring with an endless stream of wealth and health for ALL its citizens. Dear Friends, today I want to talk to you about the opulence of The Universe and how you can attract whatever you want towards you. The key to your unique attraction is to establish what you really need rather than what you do not need. The Universe is opulent and will give you anything that you want, all you have to do is attract it, extract it and then transact the whole manifestation into a worthwhile venture. Many of us carry anger in our hearts and carry this anger with us daily. Many of us get angry when we see other people flourish in their daily activities. I say onto you and verily too focus on yourself and your needs instead of focussing on what other people achieved. Your passion and desire must be so strong that whatever you need will automatically be attracted towards you. Once you see it you then need to extract from The Universe exactly what you ordered. If you see a fleet of cars narrow it down to just a few than extract the one that is most appealing. To do this you need to transact everything in an unselfish way, taking what you need and giving the rest back to the land. Don’t hoard everything home, just take what you may need and then give the rest back to the land. This will be your greatest achievement and for this I salute you.

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