Friday 5 June 2015



Quote of the day
‘When do we make a start to change our lives requires a certain degree of finesse, a tremendous amount of courage and the right timing all predetermined by asking three simple questions, HOW? WHY? And finally WHAT?

A heart-warming welcome to all of you, Dear Friends from around the world. Thank you for reading my articles each day especially my 4 day series of riveting articles based on 4 potent words to uplift your day and your life. Everyone has the right to a fair and comfortable life. The opulence of The Universe is not confined to a select few. The opulence of The Universe is a vault of opportunities available to all. By now you should know exactly what you need in life to improve your lifestyle and to determine whether you will live onto 100 years of age. A happier lifestyle increases longevity. A happier lifestyle promotes a healthy mind and a healthy body. A happier lifestyle displays your financial needs in an exact way. Why are we sometimes suppressed, oppressed, depressed and regressed is something we asked a few days ago. The common denominator to ALL our problems eventually boils down to two fundamental quantum and these are dollars and cents. Yes, dollar and cents determines your lifestyle. Without money you are restricted in how you live your life. One of the most common mistakes that we make is that we feel that money will fall from a tree at some point in our lives such as a lottery win, an inheritance or a possible promotion at work. With the mind-set of a possibility we dream the likelihood of success rather than enact it. Dreams wasted on possibilities end up ultimately as impossibilities. To add to the trauma valuable time is expended thinking of something without actually realising it. Dreams are good if they are almost realistic. To make dreams realistic you need to think within the parameters of your abilities, your passions and your desires. A thought of becoming the next Federer in tennis when you are 35 years of age is a poor vision of real success. If you are say 12 years of age there is a better chance. The power to think is a based on the power to enact. Real thought processes create real successes. People that are successful or on the verge of becoming successful will always tell you that it all started on a blank canvas. Their dreams were etched on a blank canvas using gentle strokes of passion and desire and the real picture only became true when they asked themselves, HOW, WHY and WHAT? They understood their difficulties. They understood their financial constraints. They understood their mental and physical well-being. With these statistics at hand they then took on the next challenge of WHEN. WHEN do I get started? WHEN do I enter the ring of uncertainty and eventually become a certain winner. One of the greatest mistakes people make is that they enter the ring of uncertainty without identifying their dilemmas. They mimic the mind-set of someone else and waste valuable time trying to achieve something that they did not really want. WHEN we are ready to start is WHEN we are ready to identify our needs. Is it wealth, health or prosperity that constantly rings in our mind or is it a combination of all? HOW, WHY and WHAT needs to answered with careful thought. When do we start to make changes to our lives requires a certain degree of finesse, a tremendous amount of courage and the right timing all predetermined by asking three simple questions, HOW? WHY? And finally WHAT? Now that you know exactly what you need the WHEN factor starts with a bit of finesse. You need to develop a skill in the faculty of your chosen field. If it is tennis you to need to enact this role by visiting a tennis court. You need to hit the ball with passion and desire and get to experience your newly founded pledge. To sustain and maintain your efforts you need courage. Courage gives you the pluck to override procrastination, debilitation and a host of negative ideas such as temptation, aggravation and desperation. What follows is timing. Don’t enter the ring of uncertainty at the wrong time. Use your weekends to meditate on your passions and your desires. Etch onto the blank canvas in front of you what you really would like to do and WHY you want to do it. Carry this vision with you into the new working week, gathering information to assist you, adhering to a strict agenda and following a set of rules that has worked before. Trusting that you will find this article valuable we shall use the weekend to exemplify what we spoke about the in last 5 days. Take good care. Love your life!

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