Friday, 19 June 2015



Quote of the day
‘Knowledge is an infinite source of information waiting to be extracted for our daily use. If used wisely knowledge can overcome ignorance. If used unwisely knowledge becomes ignorance.’

Knowledge is not just restricted to information on a broad basis laid out in volumes of textbooks that we place reference on. Knowledge is actually Realisation. It is Realisation about the purpose of our Life, it is Realisation of The Creation and it is Realisation of our Heavenly Father. Knowledge if used unwisely can become ignorance. Ignorance breeds greed and creates doubt. Greed makes the world angry, turbulent and in pain. Knowledge can remove ignorance instantly. Knowledge create jobs and eliminates unemployment. Knowledge combines nations into moral obligations and honest relationships. Dear Friends, as we bid farewell to a wonderful day we can start tomorrow with knowledge or with ignorance. Knowledge takes away doubt. Doubt makes us hesitate to pray. Doubt makes us disbelieve. Doubt makes us suspicious of each other. Doubt is the fire that incinerates love and understanding. When in doubt, open a page into the broad database of knowledge and find the real reason about The Creation, about the devil, about the flowers and the bees and about our destiny. With the right knowledge you enter the right zone to transmute your life forever. Have you marvelled over the happy ones and wondered why they were always happy. They were happy because they based their lives on Knowledge. When you are in doubt, when you are sullen, when you are in debt or when you are angry pick up a free copy of knowledge and expand your horizon to overcome doubt, debt, sullenness or anger. This transmutation will carry you beyond your wildest dreams making you realise how you wasted your time over nothing. Value your time, enjoy your life and love everything about you.

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