Saturday 13 June 2015

Building a strong foundation

Building a strong foundation

Quote of the day
‘Building your future on a bed of weaknesses, limitations and expectations will result in constant failure, misery and heartache. Changing the composition of your foundation to strengths, broader applications and practicality will always result in constant success.’

One of the common mistakes to constant failure is that we build our foundations on a mixture of weaknesses, limitations and expectations. Strong Foundations in Engineering are vital strategies developed over centuries to keep structures both tall and short firmly on the ground. The use of the right materials are vital for buildings to withstand adversities of all denominations. As we fail we learn and as we learn we ascend and as we ascend we comprehend. We make mistakes all the time. Sometimes our mistakes is so colossal that we fail to emerge again. Dear friends I want to tell you today that no matter what your failure is you can re-emerge and start all over again. Why, because when you fail you learn and when you learn you ascend and when you ascend you comprehend. Why did you fail yesterday? Why did your business go bust? Why did you fail your GCSEs?  Understanding why we fail makes us learn from the reasons why we failed. As we learn from these mistakes we ascend like a new shoot. It may take time but as we rise to fame we comprehend from our mistakes knowing that we will not fail again and again. It is about swopping our weaknesses for strengths. It is about swopping our limitations for broader applications and it is about swopping our expectations with practicalities. Weaknesses are normally characterised by lingering bad habits. You need to say it’s time to let go and start afresh in a newer vestibule of positive vibes. Don’t live within the box because this immediately creates your limitations. Live beyond the box, now you suddenly create a multitude of opportunities, opportunities that you once never thought of. Don’t live on expectations. Having a repetitive hope of a lottery win for example is a chance in a million. Don’t base your life on a hope, base your life on a strong foundation of strengths, broader applications and practicalities. Strength should be your forte. Strength is something you develop like muscle building. It takes time but also constant maintenance. Having a broader application in a techno orientated world helps. Broader applications keeps you robust, resilient and financially sound. So, if you are a caterer your speciality should not be limited to catering but should have a broader outlook. You need to learn about book-keeping, you need to understand people, you need to diversify, you need to identify your customer’s needs and you need to a have a fall-back. You need to be practical about your daily chores. You cannot write the declaration of your life on a grain of rice. You need to divide your day into modules. You need to be pragmatic, level-headed and think like the way a tycoon thinks. Yes, Dear Friends you need to start your new working week on a stronger foundation.

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