Friday 26 June 2015

Discourage or Encourage

Discourage or Encourage
Quote of the day
‘As you seek to be inspired, you need to inspire as well. Inspiration starts at home where your efforts are cordially noted by your family and friends. It is all about Encouragement rather than Discouragement.’
Welcome to your very own period of total relaxation and rest. You earned it now go out there and spend it. Spend it under an umbrella of joy and happiness. Don’t allow little things to upset you, be calm and gentle in whatever you do, say or think. Thank you for waking up to my daily inspirational tweets and articles. Today I want to talk to you about inspiring others in the same way you seek similar inspiration. To encourage someone is like raising their spirits. Everyone has their bad moments as well as their good moments. Setting good examples and offering encouragement can twinkle an individual’s day. When harmony is ignited at home there is a hope for laughter and merriment on a grand scale. Thinking about yourself can be quite selfish and renders a sense of discouragement to other people. Children in particular always look to you for their support and well-being. You need to encourage them all the time with vigour and enthusiasm. An unselfish approach to life makes all the difference. Creating laughter at home rather than sadness is the way forward. Planning for the weekends is equally important as planning for the working weeks ahead of you. Every day in your life has value. Don’t start off on a bitter note. Where there is hope learn to cope. Where there is sadness bring out the laughter that is so needed. Where there is sullenness create a sparkle of cheerfulness. Where there is bad moods polarise them into good moods. Find out what the problem is and offer a relevant solution. Learn to encourage rather than discourage. Giving confidence to another individual is like a blessing in disguise. Dear Friends, I urge you to support others in the way you seek support. It is a wonderful feeling to know that people can look to you for support. Love your spouse and your children. Love your family and your friends. Love your neighbourhood and your country. Love your planet and love your solar system. Give love and you WILL get love back. Throw discouragement into the equation and you shall form a chain of depression and dismay throughout your day.

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