Thursday 25 June 2015

Think Divinity with Affinity

Think Divinity with Affinity
Quote of the day
‘To follow a life that is divine you need to be a little more refined and more defined. Think Divinity and you shall sparkle with affinity, infinity and The Trinity.’
Dear Friends, I have stated on numerous occasions that your life is the most precious gift that has ever been bestowed upon you. Therefore you need to acknowledge this and to understand that your life has a purpose and that purpose is to serve our Heavenly Father and to act responsibly in every given situation. Many people take things for granted. A person with a fast car accelerates unnecessarily to gain attention. A person that is stressed will dress for the occasion spewing out words of contempt and dissatisfaction. A marital dispute will create a change reaction affecting children, the neighbours, and performances at work and at school. I say onto you and verily too that you need to determine what your purpose in life is and connect with the spiritual context of living. A wise man or women will never accelerate unnecessarily because they unduly concerned about emissions and how to reduce or eliminate them. They care, they share and they remain fair. A stressed individual will seek help. They will address the problem, they will request support and will never be depressed, oppressed or suppressed. In other words they will get to the bottom of their problems. Already we have highlighted two contrasting differences. The 1st is aggression by transgression and the 2nd is intercession with progression. People that understand their purpose in life also acknowledge that life can have its ups and downs. When things go down they do not resort to aggression, they think divinity with affinity. They resort to intercession. They determine what is the problem be it financial, marital or any of the so called disengagements in life and look to resolve and dissolve. Thinking divinity makes them sparkle with affinity, infinity and The Trinity. Affinity is about the unique ability to show compassion rather than indifferences. It is about understanding that life has its ups and downs but to try and recover when things fall apart. Remember the 3 RRRs we spoke about yesterday. Infinity is about believing in your life, it is about believing in your Earthly existence and your life of eternity as you hop onto one level to another in different time zones and in difference solar systems. Wow! Is it not wonderful to believe in yourself and to understand your purpose in life? Is it not wonderful to know that you are part of a chain of countless individuals working together to make tomorrow a better day. Dear Friends we must believe in our purpose in life and in The Trinity. The Trinity remains an article on its own and I promise that this will be forthcoming, but you have to believe in yourself and in your eternal existence to understand The Trinity. Wake up to the sound of life, be part of it but not against it. Seek to serve, to observe, conserve and preserve. 

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