Friday 26 June 2015

Seek to serve, to observe, conserve and preserve.

Seek to serve, to observe, conserve and preserve.
Quote of the day
‘It is important to live to serve but it is equally important to know how to serve. To do this effectively you need to observe, conserve and preserve.’
Knowing your purpose in life enables you to live your life fruitfully and plentifully. It enables you to appreciate each second in your day and to manage your time accordingly. The ultimate purpose of your existence is to serve thy Heavenly Father with love and with sincerity. This purpose is to act as sole custodians of our living world and in your particular case scenario to act as sole custodians of your domain. It is important to live to serve but it is equally important to know how to serve. The question then is how do we serve? How do we function as an individual on a daily basis so that our Heavenly Father would be pleased? How do we operate with humane qualities despite inhumane conditions that we may well encounter on a daily basis? How do we perform at our level best when we are often put to a deliberate test? How can we behave with tolerance when there is so much of intolerance around us, above us and below us? How can we work harmoniously in a courtyard of discontentment and bitter resentment? It is hard, very hard indeed. To be effective at this GOD given task we need to be GOD fearing. We need to observe, conserve and preserve. To observe is too see with your very own eyes if something is not right. To observe is to detect any abnormalities in front of you. To observe is to spot the error and correct it wherever possible. To observe is to take note or notice something that is peculiar to your surroundings. If you were in charge of the entire world this task would be impossible but when you have a family of 7 billion people behind you it certainly is a lot easier. Once you made your observation you need to think about conservation. Conserving is about protecting all types of flora and fauna. To pick up the stray earthworm and place it on the right soil is by far the least you could possibly do. Conserving is about maintaining your abode. To recycle, to replenish and to renew wherever possible. Conserving is about Time Management and the administration of time from dawn to dusk. Conserving is preserving. In greater depth preserving is about the population at large. Preserving is about reproducing sensibly and wisely. Preserving is about continuation of species from simple organisms like water fleas to complex organisms like us. Dear Friends, don’t throw your stub onto the pavement or blow your smoke onto an onlooker. Don’t carry a grudge for you are not here to judge. As I stated earlier on you are here to observe, conserve and preserve. So act humanely at any given instance.

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