Thursday 4 June 2015



Quote of the day

‘WHAT we have to do is predetermined by WHY we have to do it. This ensures that whatever we plan do is justified, appropriate and researched well in advance.’

I always stated in the past that a weekend showers you with the choicest of blessings, I stand by this. Yes, 48 hours of relaxation and revival during the weekends is your personal timeout. The settings are ambient, there is no peer pressure, you are in direct communion with the LORD and you are the maker of your future. The weekends creates the perfect methodology of HOW you want your working week to appear in front of you at the crack of dawn on a Monday morning. You need to start your weekend by thinking like a tycoon. Your thought processes should mimic that of a successful person. WHY, because YOU can be whoever you want to be, you just need to think big. You have to build a picture of your dreams in your mind and then apply a bit of action to complement those dreams. In other words you need to think like an unselfish tycoon. You need to use every weekend available to you to think big. You need to fill the blank canvas of your life with those wonderful thought processes that makes dreams comes true. During the weekend you should say openly to yourself, HOW I become a tycoon is directly proportional to HOW I think. This then generates the WHY factor. WHY is the foundation question to the purpose of your life? WHY am I here? WHY am I sometimes or always suppressed, oppressed, depressed or regressed? WHY am I not always happy? We need to compliment the word WHY with HOW. If you don’t exemplify your weekend with the right thought patterns the chances of your working week being successful is low. You simple have to develop the mind-set of a tycoon. We already defined what a tycoon is and the month of June holds the key ingredients of how a tycoon operates. The world holds many tycoons, we want to latch onto tycoons as role models that are unselfish in their actions. Our next step is ask ourselves is WHAT? ‘WHAT we have to do is predetermined by WHY we have to do it. Our level of thinking differs from the next person because our needs are different. Therefore when we think our thought processes are related to our needs. All of these different needs culminate to a common denominator, a successful lifestyle. A working career is made of weekly segments usually a five day working week followed by a weekend. A school term is the same. Five days of schooling followed by a weekend. Retirement is similar. Five days of recreation followed by a weekend. The perfect individual that is deemed meritocratic aims primarily to have a life that is plentiful and fruitful. They are altruistic in nature and are the sages of this Earth. They show by example and leave by example. What follows tomorrow is the word WHEN. WHEN do we get started to become meritocratic individuals, pacing the Earth to make it righteous. WHEN do we get started to become prosperous, happy and well. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow on your favourite inspirational channel.

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