Saturday 20 June 2015



Quote of the day
A Successful Student Is Mainly Interested to Learn About Tasks, Instruction, Organising and Negotiating. To do this effectively their use a process called ASSMILATION.

Bonus Quote
‘The TONI formula teaches us about our daily Tasks, about Organising them, Negotiating them and executing them with Instructions that work.’

Dear friends, today you are about to read an article that will change the way you think, the way you perform and the way you live. This article is about a 12 letter word which most of you heard of when you studied Biology at an elementary level in School. The word we are going to talk about is Assimilation. Assimilation in Biology is about absorption of digested food from your intestines into your bloodstream to be transported to all cells of your body so that they may function as cells and replicate when required. This is a process that works and it is a process that stood the test of time. Today I want you to understand how we can use this system to make our lives better, successful and enjoyable. It is all about knowledge and how we use it. Knowledge is vast and diversified. Knowledge as we spoke of yesterday is an infinite source of information waiting to be extracted for our daily use. If used wisely knowledge can overcome ignorance. If used unwisely however knowledge becomes ignorance. Knowledge is a database with an access facility available to all humans. It was set up by our Heavenly Father and includes a support team of Angels that hover over us giving us strength to meet our daily agenda and giving us vigour to overcome our daily adversaries. There is no monthly subscription to access such a vast network of data but rather a monthly commitment to serve our Heavenly Father. I called this Database ‘The Extranet’. It is Extraction of knowledge is based on your Needs. I found knowledge when I needed it most. Today this knowledge has changed my life, my health and my wealth as per my bespoke needs. Today I want to tell you that you too have access to this knowledge. It is free and it is for your bespoke needs. However knowledge is useless without knowing how to use it, even though it still remains informative. To use knowledge we need to apply the TONI formula. TONI stands for TASKs, ORGANISNG skills, NEGOTIATING tactics and following INSTRUCTIONS. I shall include future articles to include an in-depth study of this formula in the days to come. Understanding your TASKS for the day, the week, the month or the year is your responsibility. You are the writer of your intent, and the executor of your tasks with full content. You cannot write down a series of tasks to execute if you are not content with it. You simply cannot because you are actually creating the reversal of success which is failure. The next skill required is to ORGANISE these tasks into a series of workable modules to be executed during the course of your day. NEGOTIATING is about these written down tasks and about dealing with them in order of importance. Finally you need to follow a set of INSTRUCTIONS that has previously worked. This is the TONI formula that we shall expand on during the course of June. Remember to think like a Tycoon in June. Take note that I have used the word Assimilation as an acronym to create today’s memorable Quote.

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