Sunday 14 June 2015

What is Passion, what is Desire?

What is Passion, what is Desire?

Quote of the day
‘Passion and Desire are two human emotions running side by side very much like two rivers running parallel to each other. The one river oozing with passion exhibits compassion as it flows, the other river is bursting with desire almost ready to catch on fire.’

Dear Friends, welcome to another article on your favourite Inspirational Channel. It is so important to be inspired each day because inspiration gives us that inner boost that we sometimes lack in order to get on with our daily grind. Inspiration is like the birth of a river, starting at the source up in the mountains so far away. To get to its destination and meet the vastness of the ocean a river has to travel many miles of treacherous terrain in a downhill journey and sometimes not making it at all. What makes rivers so vast and dynamic can be likened to yourself. What makes you successful and energetic? It is all about having passion and desire. You need both passion and desire to move objects, make new friends and create wonderful goals bespoke to your needs. Sometimes when you look up the meanings of the words passion and desire they seem to be similar but actually they are not and this is why I felt it was important for me to write an article describing the meanings of the words passion and desire, in the way I understand it. When describing a river two terms are often used. The first term is lotic which means that the river is dynamic in its flow, moving downstream with noted velocity pushing away hurdles that come in its way. Anything in the flow of the river be it inanimate objects or living organisms is referred to as lotic. The second term is lentic where the river is flowing but not as dynamic and this is usually in still waters such as lakes or ponds.  Passion and desire is similar to lotic and lentic. Passion is about having the craving for something but trying to achieve it without harming anything, it is all about being compassionate. This can be referred to as a lentic approach to life. Desire on the other hand could be a dynamic need, a craving or yearning so intense that you are not willing to stop at anything to achieve it. To make your life a success you need to have that urge to get something that you want but in a more composite way. You need to combine the forces of both rivers into one. You need desire and passion merged together to drive you to reach your goals unselfishly. So, whenever I say you need passion and desire it means you need that stimuli to get started and you need to build on that stimuli like a snowball effect and move forward like a river to reach your goal in a given time. You cannot crush objects, living organisms or people that come your way, you need to show compassion. You need to have that urge to create goals bespoke to your needs but you need a combination of desire and passion to achieve those goals unselfishly. You need to show by example, give by example and learn by example. Passion and desire are two composite forces of stimuli that builds up into the drive needed to conquer your goals. You cannot only have desire, if so you will reach your goals unselfishly and think only of your financial benefits. You cannot only have passion because people will notice that you are compassionate and take advantage over you. You have to have both passion and desire to drive your goals through the long journey of your personal success.

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