Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Energy and Vibrations

Energy and Vibrations
Quote of the day
‘Energy can best be described as the capacity to perform work. Vibrations can best described as work in motion.’
Dear Friends, I want to tell you that you have the right to make a success of your life. Success comes not at a price but with a little effort. We all engage in some form of work, either mentally or physically. We are doing it 24/7. However a meritocratic Goal Setter ensures that he or she works steadily day in and day out. To perform this mental or physical work you need energy like fuel to a car. Without fuel the car shall stall and go no more. Without energy you too shall slowly come to a halt and work no more. Energy can best described as the capacity to do work. The more energetic you are the more likely it is that you will be able to execute your work load for the day. What creates the correct energy for you to perform work is what you eat. Add the wrong fuel to a car and the car shall stall, shudder and switch off. Eat the right kinds of food in moderation and with consideration and you shall pack your body with energy to carry, walk, talk, write, think, meditate, live, love, play, rest and of course work. Poor foods create ‘negative’ energy. Negative Energy is like a car that performs poorly due to incorrect fuels, coolants and lubricants. When you are overweight or eat the wrong foods you start to lack the positivity or the passion and desire to get on with your work and do it to the best of your ability. As you work you set off vibrations attuned to what you are doing. Start running and your legs start to move, run faster and your legs move faster. These vibrations are linked to your brain. Your brain is instructing your legs to run at a certain pace or speed. Sit at your office desk and you are sending off different vibrations to your fingers to execute the rudimentary skills on the QWERTY keyboard. Each vibration has a set frequency. The vibration for running is 500HZ whilst the vibration for typing is a mere 5HZ. These are just arbitrary figures to illustrate the different vibrations. There are negative vibrations and as well as positive vibrations. If you think negatively or are under stress or anxiety your vibrations are affected and therefore you stumble, you fumble or tumble. I say onto you Dear Friends and verily too, eat correctly, be calm and be sturdy and watch how your vibrations as they peak to positive. Positive peaks yield positive weeks. Negative peaks yield negative weeks. Sometimes it pays to monitor your daily grind. You need to find out why do you suddenly feel lethargic, did you perhaps overindulge? You need to find out if there is a sense of dreadfulness. Is there something worrying you? Are you anxious over your monthly bills? Try to live in the positive zone by establishing what got you into the negative zone in the first place. It is all about a good foods to create good moods. Your mind ensures the correct combustion of energy to get the job done. If you are in a bad mood then your firing ratio is altered. Eat well and be well. Think good things and bad things will never happen.

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