Monday 8 June 2015

Say no to retirement.

Say no to retirement.

Quote of the day
‘Do not retire. Live your life bountiful forever and ever. Admire your life, inquire about your life, be inspired by life itself, acquire the best in life, live with desire and passion and live happily ever after for the entire duration of your life.’

Dear Friends, I want you to say no to retirement. I want you to start believing in yourself and raise the bar to your life cycle. Firstly, I want you to confirm that you have the right to live onto 100 years. 100 years is the most precious period of your Earthly life, so why not use it profitably to make amends and to create friends. What happened yesterday that highlighted a noted mistake must be forgotten for tomorrow we shall make amends. We shall amend to ascend. Surely this is what success is all about. The road to success is long, in time this road is 100 years long. In distance this road is infinite.  As we ascend we depend and we attend. We depend on other people and sometimes they let us down. We attend to other people and even though they may not acknowledge it, it is important that we do just that. Ascending means falling too. People let us down all the time and sometimes the fall is quite painful. Therefore I reiterate that we need to get up and start again. We simply cannot retire at 65 or 60. We have 35 or 40 more years to live on respectively. To live is to do ‘good’.  To live is to have a fundamental purpose in life. To live is to forgive. To live is to make amends. Live your life bountiful forever and ever. Admire your life.  Why not, it is your life and you should treasure it. Inquire about your life. If you are lacking the confidence then you need to inquire. You need to ask relevant questions to validate your purpose and your existence. You need to be inspired by life itself. Inspiration awakens you from the dullness that may surrounds you and switches you to instant liveliness. You need to acquire the best in life. Why not, The Universe is opulent and every request that you make will be provided, like Genie to Master. You must live your life with desire and passion. Desire and Passion are like fuel to your bodily functions, they rev your metabolism to peaks levels delivering optimum performance at all times. You must develop the concept to live happily ever after for the entire duration of your life. Why should you settle for less? Why should you live a life of misery? I want you to reach the pinnacle of your success whenever you want to and to raise the bar when you get there. I want you to walk with confidence knowing that your purpose in life is important to life itself. I want you to go the extra mile with a noted smile not just for a while but for as long as the Nile. I want you to achieve the correct BMI, calculated daily and tabulated hourly because your body is your personal machine. I want you to give liberally. I want you share your love openly and to laid down a righteous path for others to follow. You cannot retire. You may retire from your vocation but I say onto you that life is a vacation. It is a holiday that lasts for 100 years. Enjoy it and live it to the fullest.

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