Tuesday 23 June 2015

The Road to Success

The Road to Success
There are two roads to success and these two roads are explained as follows:
  • The first road to success spells a platitude of devoutness and as you travel along this road you shall see problems ahead of you but you will find it easier to cope with because you are placing reliance on your own judgement rather than that of others. Through your experiences in life you become more vigilant and resilient to problems as they appear to you.
  • In the second road is a meandering journey whereupon your life is filled with uncertainty. You are hypnotised by Commerce and the pressures put onto you by Commerce. You are therefore forced to place reliance on man instead and therefore will always be unsuccessful.
To assist you onto the former road and to guide you along a safer journey in life I include for your perusal some pertinent Quotes so that you may apply them in situations that constantly vex you.
  • Quote 1: ‘To make an effective change we first must make an individual change.’
  • Quote 2: ‘There is something magical about the number 100. It represents your centennial life on planet Earth. It is the celebrated mark to Real Success. It is the divisible number of most single currencies. It is the basis of percentages where 100% is the full amount. It is the boiling point of water at sea level. Always think 100 in whatever you do’
  • Quote 3: ‘Love your live to the fullest and live your life to the fullest.’
  • Quote 4: ‘Anger holds the infinite ingredient to real failure. Anger multiplies each day within you if you allow it to. It takes control over your senses and it takes control over your life.
  • Quote 5: ‘The solution to anger, the brittle stone of human GREED is to be saved? But how, many will ask but few will tell. I will tell you if you let me.’
  • Quote 6: To finalise Real Success you would need to follow a proven set of instructions or a recipe or a strategic method. Nothing more and nothing less. You simply cannot gain more than 100 and neither can you score less than zero.’
  • Quote 7: ‘Who are you if you are not part of a chain of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair?
  • Quote 8: ‘Love can be clandestine not because it is furtive but because it is romantic, personal and consoling. Love everything’
  • Quote 9: ‘Slowly the ingredients for Success is coming your way, now what awaits you is the recipe or method for success, without which ALL efforts to complete your day will end in disaster.’
  • Quote 10: ‘Real Success can be defined as the full accomplishment of an individual from Year 1 to Year 100. Real Success is when an individual fulfils his or her duties in an unselfish and meritocratic way. They abide themselves with a daily list of goods deeds in the form of caring, sharing and remaining fair.
Thank you once gain for finding the time to read this article and I hope that you will be inspired to make a change in your life. Change is only apparent if action follows it. However Success is only determined when you apply the right forms of action. I hope that you will be inspired and I hope that you will take action right away. To take action requires a certain amount of passion and desire. It is worthless to expend time performing something if passion and desire is not within you. With love and the fondest feelings of true friendship I bid you well in all that you do. Yes, everything that you do from now on should be done from a written script of your intentions and not by someone else.

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