Tuesday 2 June 2015



Quote of the day
‘HOW I become a tycoon is directly proportional to HOW I think. My capacity to think must also be proportional to what I can actually do.’

It is my greatest pleasure to write this article today for it does portray the seriousness of HOW we can make our lives more plentiful and more fruitful. The word HOW if asked directly to yourself can change the history you create tomorrow. Here are some typical questions that we need to ask ourselves, openly and honestly. HOW are you today? If you are not okay than your performance for the day is already affected. HOW do you think determines what becomes of today and possibly for the rest of your life. HOW is the way forward? How do I address my meeting or presentation today? HOW do I eradicate my problems? HOW much of time shall I spend on this particular task? HOW easy is it for me to become successful? HOW is indeed an important word? HOW am I doing?  HOW much of progress have I made in in 2015. HOW shall I stop problems from growing? HOW shall I create friends and eliminate enemies? It all lies in the way you think. Build fear within you and you shall live a life filled with worries and anxieties. Change this to self-assurance and your worries and anxieties will slow disappear. It all boils down to the way you think. Our theme for the month of June is to think like a tycoon. THINK! THINK! THINK! A Tycoon always thinks about self-confidence, poise and composure. They think BIG. They think about tomorrow well in advance and plan a way forward. Their composure is generally calm mixed with a bit of adventure and vigilance. They follow written instructions that has previously worked and they abide by the rules of their country. They stand with dignity and walk with grace. They exercise care in all their performances from dawn to dusk. For us to do the same we need to recite the following. HOW I become a tycoon is directly proportional to HOW I think. Think big and you shall become big. Think about tomorrow and you will plan in advance. Think about your health and you will adjust your diet to accommodate your needs. Think about your time and you will manage your time accordingly. Think about your meeting or presentation in advance and you will excel in it. It is not only thinking about what you want but also about what other people need. Your presentation for example must reflect a common cause suitable for you or for someone else. You need to think about your resolutions that you made at the beginning of this year and you need to establish what progress have you made thus far. Did you achieve your goals or are you on the right path to execute them in due course? The power to think enables you to find the way to do things, to establish a known and proven methodology, to exact your next move and more importantly to keep your goals at bay. The power to think must also reflect the following. My capacity to think must also be proportional to what I can actually do. Think within your capabilities rather than think beyond your capabilities. Doing this enables you to write down an agenda for the day that can be effectively completed with the least amount of hassles. This then portrays what sort of a tycoon you shall be. Do you want to be like Gates, Bryanston or Buffet? There is no harm in finding your role model but it is more important to think of what you really want rather than achieve something that someone else has.

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