Tuesday 9 June 2015

Emotions lead to Commotions

Emotions lead to Commotions

Quote of the day
‘A Successful Tycoon always overcomes emotions for he or she knows well that emotions lead to commotions.’

When you become too emotional there is a good chance that you shall slowly drift away into a wallow of dismay, remorse and procrastination. Today I want to tell you quite openly that emotions should be left at home and addressed when the time is appropriate. Emotions will lead to commotions if dealt with during your daily workload. How does a pilot cope with emotions? He or she puts them aside, their job to pilot their craft is quite demanding and holds a huge responsibility to human life and safety. Commotion can lead to instant failure, wrong decision making and fatal undertaking. You need inspiration to keep you going even when the going gets tough. The goings will get tough because opposition is out there waiting to hamper your next vital move. I always tell my friends from around the world that they need to wake up to inspiration. To be inspired daily is likened to a candle for without the wax there is no fuel. You as the budding entrepreneur are likened to the flame of a candle. The brighter you are denotes how inspired you are. Emotions are like the wind that wants to blow your enthusiasm away. When this happens you then appear dull and boring. You lack the drive to illuminate your surroundings. You have negative energy and therefore produce negative vibrations. Your workload is affected and your performance becomes staggered. Inspiration is illumination. Inspiration brightens your day and makes you see the magnificence of The Creation. With Inspiration, you glow and you flow. Inspirations creates Promotions. Emotions create Commotions. A promotional life is a life that is raised above the nominal standard of achievements. A commotional life is a life that is lowered well below the threshold of humane achievements. The procedure to stay calm and productive is to fire your day with inspiration. Wake to your daily inspirational channel and brighten your day. Wake to your daily inspirational channel and lighten your day.

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