Sunday 7 June 2015

Solution Finder

Solution Finder

Quote of the day
‘Identifying the problem is important but accepting the solution is not entirely easy. Problems hold their merit of stress and anxiety, however solutions create challenges that are something difficult to initiate.’

Bonus Quote
‘Life can be quite wonderful when we can implement a solution to a problem.

A lot of solutions comes with an incredible price tag and most of them regretfully don’t work. Every individual is different. Everyone differs in their collective goals and everyone searches for the right stepping stone to overcome their anxiety and stress. Solutions are plentiful but are they tailor made to suit your needs? What is your problem? If you have identified it are you willing to write it down? Do you have more than one problem, if so can you write them down as well? Could you then put them in order of importance? If your property is in the process of foreclosure then surely this has to be your most important problem. The most effective procedure to combat problems is to talk about it especially with your spouse, your children or to a family member that you feel comfortable with talking about your problems. This creates awareness of your predicament. Now that you have identified your problem you need to seek a relevant solution. Are you obese and does this factor affect your overall performance? Do you pant at the slight inclination of simple workloads? These questions are important because it enables you to identify your problem in greater detail. The solution is out there but you need to be careful. What may work for a certain group of people may not necessarily work for you. You have to be patient. If your garden is riddled with weeds and stinging nettle removing them may take longer than a day. What follows after that is your ability to sustain and maintain your garden. You must persevere. Solutions kick starts the problem divider. Problems can be like a huge rhinoceros waiting to charge at you at the crack of dawn. Problems can wake you up during the night and make you restless and anxious. You need to divide and you need to conquer. How do you confront a rhino? How do you eat an elephant? You need to do it in stages with a defined methodology that works. A debt of a million pounds is no different to a debt of £100. Watching or listening to examples of people overcoming their problems is a must. You will find that most people with tell you three important things. They will tell you that you need to be patient. They will tell you that you need to strong. They will tell you that you must persevere. Being patient means you need to understand that problems do not simply disappear. They take time. Fortunately you have time by your side. To be strong means that you need to be ardent about your affairs. Identifying your problems must be linked to your ability to overcome them. If you ignore your problems they will grow like weeds and stinging nettle. Perseverance is the determination to be consistent in your daily efforts, to be able to crush the problem or problems into smaller units. No bank will foreclose on your property if you submit a moratorium indicating your solemn pledge to reduce your debt in a given time. You are a person and you are dealing with people. People have feelings and will always want to listen to your proposal. Dear Friends, I urge you to use your weekend wisely, to think of your dilemma no matter how big or small they really are and to implement a workable strategy to overcome them. We will expand on the concept of thinking like a tycoon during the month of June so that you may take the necessary strides in dealing with your problems. I will include examples wherever possible.

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