Wednesday 24 June 2015

Did you do the right thing?

Did you do the right thing?
Quote of the day
‘Nothing will go wrong if you did things right. This is the mentality of a meritocratic Goal Setter. They know that they got to get it right with all their might. They do not spite, fright, incite or live in contrite.’
Do you feel remorse when you did something? Do you feel a sense of guilt over something that you might have said or done? These feelings are quite common especially when you lack confidence in your abilities. People always judge you for the mistakes that you make but find it very hard to commend you for the good that you do. It is very hard indeed to function when you are been constantly critiqued for the common errs that you make over the years in your life. I always maintain that nothing will go wrong if you do things right in the first place. However what is the difference between right and wrong. Something that is right is always something that is righteous and honourable. A righteous deed is always shrouded with goodness. It is an unselfish act performed with love and dignity. A meritocratic Goal Setter will never seek commendation or applause when performing good deeds. They just have the mind-set to do well. They know the meaning of right and they work diligently to ensure all their tasks for the day is performed with honesty, integrity and trust. Look back over the last 5 minutes and see whether you did the right thing. If so, was it performed with honesty, integrity and trust? If your answer is no, don’t worry there is no need to panic. You do not have to live in fright over the performance of your last task. You do not have to spite someone for critiquing you. You don’t have to incite trouble because trouble just wastes more time. Doing right will never make you feel any sense of contrite. Dear Friends, you must believe in yourself and have the confidence in speaking rather than shrieking. You must have the confidence to think of what you are capable of doing rather than assuming what you cannot do. This always leads to the wrong end result. If you feel strongly about something then do it or say it. Believe in yourself. If you feel that you did wrong then apply the 3 RRRs formula. Review what you think that you did wrong. Revise your tactics and then Redo it or Resay it. It is as simple as ABC. It is a matter of getting into the right mind-set to make the right decisions and of course at the right time. Do it right and nothing will go wrong?

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