Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Make History, not Mystery

Make History, not Mystery

Quote of the day
‘History is a memoir of your Life from birth to death. It holds a valuable imprint of your humane achievements, a chronicle of your good deeds, a journal of your daily grind and a story of your personal achievement. Your life should never be a mystery. You should never be unknown for your existence, anonymous for your contributions, secretive in your endeavours and furtive in your actions.’

Bonus Quote
‘What is wasted cannot be retrieved. What is created shall remain forever. What is hated can be loved. What is hasted is often regretted.

Dear Friends, How wonderful it is to be here in the limelight of a new day where history is constantly been made. I say limelight because when you leave home after shutting the front door behind you, the history of your life takes centre stage. Every second that passes you, every step that you make, every word that you utter is been recorded like particles on a lifelong magnetic tape. What pattern you imprint on this tape will be read by millions of people if not trillions that take occupancy on our planet in the centuries to follow. I urge you to think correctly, to act coherently, to behave majestically, to plan methodically, to work consistently, to contribute fairly, to walk with confidence, to speak with clarity, to dream eloquently, to reproduce when ready, to love the world openly, to greet the world with a smile and to write history without a trace of mystery. I say onto you and verily too, make history and don’t be a mystery. The history of your life on planet Earth is 100 years long and can be broken down into intriguing episodes. When read or when watched by someone let them not switch off your worldly achievements or put down your journal for its shoddy content. Inspire them to make new history filled with love, happiness and joy in the same way you found love, happiness and joy. History is indeed a memoir of your life from birth to death. From an early age we need to instil these ideologies into our children so that they can become pioneers in their own right. To constantly embrace life with a barrage of humane achievements will never go by unnoticed. People needs inspiration therefore we need not only to seek inspiration but to tweak inspiration in our own way. You need to constantly perform good deeds daily and as you perform you become informed. Did you do it right, can you do it better or is there room for more? This is what life is all about, doing your level best from birth to death? You need to keep a journal of your life itemised into annuals and to be referred to from time to time and to be read from to time. Did you do it right, can you do it better or is there room for more? Your content should be an epic waiting to hit the sliver screen.  Dear Friends this is the way forward for any individual. There is no such thing as a clever or pretty individual because we all are clever and pretty. There is one thing though for certain and that is a distinct classification of a human being which is you, a person ready to love the world and to be a distinct part of it and a distinct part of its history. Always remember that. Don’t make your life a mystery. Let your name be known. Let every person on your street know you by your full name and let every person in your country know you by your first name. Always appreciate your life and your time. Manage your life well and you will be well. Manage your time well and you shall be remembered for your contribution to society. Don’t waste a second let alone a minute. What is wasted cannot be retrieved. What is created shall remain forever. What is hated can be loved. What is hasted is often regretted. Therefore appreciate your life and value every second of it. You cannot cry over spilt milk but why worry if you do not spill any in the first place. What you create shall be remembered forever, so why not give it your very best. Don’t create enemies but reduce them completely. Create friends, remember for they are your lifeline to problems and to adversities. Don’t rush, why do something that you will regret for the rest of your life. Plan ahead. Think ahead. Have a great life ahead of you.

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