Saturday, 18 June 2016

Switch or Ditch

Switch or Ditch

Quote of the day

‘It is time to Switch to Sweetness and a time to Ditch bitterness.

Quote 5

‘In order to experience the sweetness of your life you sometimes need to experience the bitterness of someone else’s life.’

Welcome to your weekend, a period of renaissance where revitalisation gets to work on you and where you get out of work. Today I would like to talk about Switch or Ditch. June 2016 is deemed the month of Selectivity, therefore it is appropriate to start switching and ditching. Today I want to focus on Sweetness and Bitterness. Sweetness can best be described as a harmonious experience where pleasantness, freshness, pureness and attractiveness hovers around you. Pleasantness is particularly noted over the weekends when everyone is agreeable on where to go, what to eat and what to watch. Freshness comes alight when everyone participates in household chores reviving the lustre that often disappears during the weekdays. Pureness is about the clarity in everyone’s speech, in their thoughts and in their actions. Finally, attractiveness gets noticed. You appreciate not only those around you but yourself and this is extremely important. Conversely bitterness makes its presence during the weekdays where stress, oppress, depress and suppress are words that linger in the corridors of your life. Bitterness can best be described as a discordant experience where unpleasantness, sullenness, animosity and anger hovers around you. Unpleasantness occurs in all areas of life from commuting to executing, from decisions to indecisions and from proposals to counterproposals. Sullenness is the highlight of all busy bodies as they pace their way into the corridors of their daily chores. Animosity is the key factor to tension, dissension, suspension, apprehension and prevention in the work area. Finally, anger creates the perfect mental ‘brimstone’ to ignite flares to regretful words, remorseful actions and contrite thoughts. Can we switch to sweetness when bitterness is open us? Yes, we can. However, we need to ditch the bitterness first. Feelings of bitterness can last for a lifetime. Yesterday we spoke about Professional Editing. As soon as bitterness enters the limelight of our lives we need to professionally edit it by pressing the delete button. We need to ditch the bitterness that is upon us and switch to sweetness. To do this we need to playback fond memories of the past. Bitterness needs to dissolve in a solution of sweetness. You need to develop the technique by constantly playing back fond memories of your life. Have a splendid evening. Embrace the evening atmosphere with contentment and enchantment.

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