Monday, 20 June 2016

The Rate of Change

The Rate of Change

Quote 1

‘The rate of change in a person is proportional to the change around them plus the change within them.’

A very good morning to you from the desk of Anthony Pan at the start of a new working week. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and I wish you a wonderful working week ahead of you. May you excel in what you do and attain fulfilment and accomplishment by the end of each working week. Today, at the start of your working week I want to talk about the importance of individual change. Individual Change can best be defined as a personal adjustment to changes around you and changes within you. Individual Change is also related to any amendments that you are willing to make to your overall stature such as elimination of certain foods in your diet. Any changes that you make will result in a change in you. If you decided to lose weight, then the resulting change is evident when you weigh yourself again. Changes are important to an individual. We are constantly changing each second, each day, every month and every year. Anatomically, we change all the time from cell replication to hair growth and from wisdom to a new vision of our life. In the opening Quote I stated: ‘The rate of change in a person is proportional to the change around them plus the change within them.’ We can express this mathematically: C = CA + CW, where C stands for Change, CA stands for Change around you and CW is change within you. Change around you is happening all the time even though we are sometimes oblivious to such changes. Your environment is constantly changing as new buildings replaces older ones and new roads get new demarcations. The climate is also changing as you can openly see a shift in weather patterns. When I was a young lad in the UK, we always had a white Christmas. Sadly, today we no longer have white Christmases as this weather phenomenon has shifted to the end of February or sometimes the beginning of March. The value of the pound fluctuates constantly, creating eminent recessions, personal depressions and noted aggressions. Changes in the law too is constantly occurring such as Immigration, the Highway Code and the proposed Brexit. Dear Friends external changes are constantly happening and you need to be alert about these changes. Change can be likened to the flow of a river, meandering its way across the fertile lands and dropping to create waterfalls and rising to create clouds. Each water droplet that creates eventual oceans and torrent rivers goes through constant changes such as solidification, evaporation and condensation. The water droplet also gives life such as the Savanah where wildlife depends on the rain and the flow of the river to regenerate a new cycle of life. Internal change that occurs within you manifests in your mind and tries to communicate with you, telling you things of great importance. Internal change is the birth place of Aspiration. Internal change is often accelerated by Inspiration and finalised with motivation. An example of internal change is your immunisation. Acupuncture uses immunisation as a trigger to help your body heal. When a needle is injected into your skin there is a rush of blood around the needle. The needle is identified as a foreign object. Your white blood cells are waiting anxiously to pounce on it, assuming that the needle is a foreign object waiting to cause you harm. Internal change is happening all the time. To effectively combat changes that affects your health, your wealth and your life you need to change. Firstly, you need to become aware of changes around you. Reading, watching and observing are important factors to help you. Secondly, you need to coordinate each cell in your body at your command to react, respond and identify changes such as the acupuncture needle. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls take note of the formula of change. Like simple arithmetic to help you see financial changes in your pocket especially when you spend money use the formula of change to adjust to changes within you and around you. Have a wonderful working week. Be aware of changes, take notes or photos and ingest them in order to digest the changes that are happening.

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