Monday, 13 June 2016

Springtime is over

Springtime is over

Quote 2

‘Clearing the cobwebs in your life that you can only see is not as effective as clearing the cobwebs that you cannot see.’

Welcome to the first day of your new working week. Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with me. Many happy returns to her Majesty on her 90th birthday and many happy returns to you if it is, was or about to be your birthday. I wish you a joyous day of celebration, jubilation, elation, dedication, devotion and realisation. Don’t let bad habits take over your life. May the good Lord shower you with His choicest blessings. Although the season of Spring has gone it is important to understand the importance of cleanliness. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, but I say onto you and verily too, cleanliness is holiness, purity and divinity. Holiness reflects one’s sincerity to devotion. Many will pray but how sincere are you in your prayers? Are you focussed, are you concentrating, are you clean, are you refined and are you a righteousness human being? Purity is cleanliness in all avenues of your life from cellar to attic, from words to sentences, from cupboards to wardrobes and from rags to riches. Divinity is the study of Religion. How much of time are you willing to allocate towards the study of your religious faith. Do you understand the Science of Spirituality? To be successful in life you need to be pure in heart and sure, mindfully. Where there is uncleanliness you need to wash it away with cleanliness. High interest rates on your borrowings must be brushed away. Feelings of negativity must be diluted with true feelings of positivity. Tarnished faces must be varnished with warm embraces. Indentures must be flawless, dentures must be spotless, bad words must be replaced with good ones, sadness must be diluted with happiness, madness must be overtaken with gladness and bluntness must be corrected with directness. Clearing the cobwebs in your life that you can see will never be as effective as clearing the cobwebs that you cannot see. Dear Friends, take care as you embark on a new dimension in life. I want you to capture people’s attention with better comprehension. Look to understand in the same way you see to understand. 

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