Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Process of Change

The Process of Change

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‘Learning is a slow process, earning is an even slower process, yearning is an everlasting process but turning your life around can be instant process.’

A very good evening to all my friends from around the world. It is good to embrace your presence on our communal inspirational channel. The process of a change is a documented process that starts when you are ready to change and ends when you feel comfortable with what has changed. I call it a documented process because we have the ability to capture on still and moving pictures how we change. When we learn we become educated. We understand the differences between right and wrong. We discover the meaning of life and we recover from the trials and tribulations of life. Learning is indeed a slow process. It takes almost 20 years to graduate into the faculty of knowing and a further 20 years to become articulate in applying this knowledge. Earning is an even slower process. The lucky ones strike it rich in some scheme whilst the unlucky ones get by with just making ends meet. An hour of hard work gains the majority the minimum wage. An hour of easy work gains the minority the maximum wage. Work, work and work is the theme of living. To clear your bond, you need at least 30 years. Earning is indeed a slower process. Yearning is an everlasting process. Yearning is a lifelong tale of the ones that dream and of the ones that take action. Yearning is an inbreed mechanism within an individual. What we see triggers us to seek. To look merely invokes a simple concept called Fascination. Having that crave or passion for something must be followed with a series of simple steps. These steps are Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation or AIM. Always AIM by Fascination, I say onto you all. Turning your life around is usually an instant process and an instantaneous success. Turning your life around is about turning the select button on and turning the deselect button to off. Power words become more powerful, crushing negativity into pulp and reinforcing positivity into a light bulb mode. Turning your life around involves looking at your circumstances and overcoming them with the opposite circumstances. Therefore, in an instance you could change hate into love, anger into tranquillity, sadness into laughter and rags to riches. The process of change is a long one lasting for 100 years. In this century of experience, we gain knowledge to become wise. We go to college to gain knowledge. We grow to become wise and hopefully to advise wherever possible. This is algorithm of life. It is about following a set of rules that works and about understanding changes to make changes. Have a wonderful evening. Dream well, dream about the future, dream about the past and dream about tomorrow.

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