Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Penny for your Thoughts

Penny for your Thoughts

Quote of the day

‘Never suppress your emotions, unleash them and turn them into an ocean of devotion. Always try to speak to a friend that may have a notion or potion to unravel your innermost commotion.’

Welcome to the 28th of Jun 2016, the month of Selectivity. We are just 2 days away from July 2016, the month of Relativity. More about the month of July later on. Did you enjoy my inspirational input during the month of June 2016? Thank you sincerely for all the wonderful messages and likes and RTs too that you so kindly sent, it is much appreciated. It is my duty to serve, because you deserve a friend like me to help you when help is needed, in the same way that I found a friend that helped me. Today as we speak there maybe someone that is struggling to make ends meet or someone that is going to bed without any food or with a pile of worries. Penny for your thoughts is all about expressing your emotions rather than suppressing them. At Universally Friendly there are many tools for you to use. Like a farmer that depends on tools for his or her annual harvest you need tools to overcome your emotions. I am here to help. Don’t swirl in a temperament of commotion that makes you physically strained and mentally drained. All problems have a related solution. There are big problems and there are little problems too. There are problems at school, work, home and in the open corridors of life itself. You cannot deny it because you can see it, feel it and experience it. Like the farmer that depends on his or her tools you need to use relevant tools to uplift you and turn things around for you. It is wise to consistently read my blogs at www.universallyfriendly.com and www.inspirationalgalleries.blogspot.co.uk for regular updates. It is even wiser to browse through my websites www.jippp.com and www.universallyfriendly.co.uk for new ideas. Somewhere matrixed in the maze of my words and books is a written suggestion bespoke to your needs. Speak to me about your problem and let us work together to create a solution. I was vexed with a multitude of problems since the age of 3. Today I stand tall and robust knowing well that I am no longer going to accept a downfall or rely on a windfall. To be robust I need to be just, I need to adjust and I need to trust. I need to be just in all my affairs from A through to Z. There should never be any compromises. I need to adjust to changes within myself and outside of my mind, body and soul. These subtle adjustments are imperative to my overall success. Finally, I need to live with trust. I need to carry my TAG at all times. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. I also need to trust myself. Dear Friends, don’t hold back unleash the power within you. Let problems surface like a rash on your skin and then apply the prescribed emollient to remove it. Speak to me whenever you need to. Meet with me whenever there is a mutual opportunity. Greet me in the same way that I greet you. Critique me if you have to. Follow my techniques because if they worked for me they will work for you. Help me to help the meek and the weak. Purchase my physical products so that all the net proceeds maybe be passed onto them. Analysis your working week diligently, don’t freak out if something is not right, put it right. Love you ALL dearly. Have a smashing Tuesday. 

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