Tuesday, 7 June 2016



Quote of the day

‘Living is about loving, living is about exploring, living is about adoring, living is about soaring and living is about restoring.’

Welcome to the 7th day of June 2016. I hope and pray that you are well, basking in the glory of the excellent weather that we having. To be alive on this day and beyond is a milestone of any human being who are scheduled to serve and scheduled to conserve, observe and preserve. To live with the constant zest to enjoy your life from birth to death illustrates how well you appreciate your life. Life on planet Earth lasts for 100 years or to put it more specifically 3153600000 seconds. Are you willing to accept 100 years or 3153600000 seconds of happiness or do you want to settle for less? Each second in your life is worth a penny. 3153600000 pennies, is really a lot of money. If you had 3153600000 pennies in your bank account, how would you feel? Having 3153600000 pennies in your pocket is the equivalent of having 3153600000 seconds in your heart. Dear Friends, I want to remind you of the importance of your life. Your life is the most precious gift ever bestowed upon you. Therefore, I urge you to look after it. Living is about loving.  I want you to love everything from the minute sand particles to the huge boulders that create distinct mountains. Living is about exploring. I want you to get to know your planet from the north pole to the south pole without leaving any place undiscovered. You need to see and experience life in all its glory. Living is about adoring too. I want you to adore all living creatures and the angels too. I want you to adore your pets, the bass clarinet and I never want you to get upset over anything. Living is about soaring above your daily capabilities and your lifelong abilities. I want you to rise to the top of dreams. I want you to climb over difficult hurdles and increasing difficulties. All of these things in life are possible if you believe in yourself. Living is also about restoring. I want you to restore your confidence. I want you to look young again and remove any hairlines of stress. Dear Friends live your life to the fullest. Select the right mode and move to the next level of your wonderful adventure on planet Earth.

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