Monday, 6 June 2016

Select a Quote

Select a Quote

Quote of the day

‘Selecting the right Quote is like taking a prescribed antidote for a troubled sore throat. A Quote is really an anecdote to steer you in the right direction when trouble looms in the corridors of your rooms. You need to select a quote, clear your throat and then write a note describing your plan of action.’

Welcome to a new working week in the month of June 2016. Our objective in June 2106 is to select what is right and to deselect what is wrong. To do this I have written several synonymous Quotes to help you select goodness and to deselect badness on a daily basis. The following is a preamble to what you can expect in the month of June 2016 – the month of Selectivity.

Quote 1 

‘The rate of change in a person is proportional to the change around them plus the change within them.’

Quote 2 

‘Clearing the cobwebs in your life that you can only see is not as effective as clearing the cobwebs that you cannot see.’

Quote 3

 ‘Learning is a slow process, earning is an even slower process, yearning is an everlasting process but turning your life around can be instant process.’

Quote 4 

‘Living is about loving, living is about exploring, living is about adoring, living is about soaring and living is about restoring.’

Quote 5 

 ‘In order to experience the sweetness of your life you sometimes need to experience the bitterness of someone else’s life.’

Quote 6 

 ‘Greatness in a person is defined by their excellence in service. Graciousness in a person is defined by their willingness to serve. Kindness in a person is defined by their ability to observe how they serve, to converse while they serve and to preserve what needs to be served.’

Quote 7 

 ‘Everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity, everyone is entitled to live freely in a close community and everyone is entitled to a life of unity. Simpler said than done because inequality, parsimoniousness and disunity are the more common paths that we tend to follow.’

I look forward to sharing these Quotes and related articles with you during the next 7 days. It is written to help you make the right decision in your life. Have a great working week.

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