Friday, 17 June 2016

PE for Professional Editors

PE for Professional Editors

Quote of the day

‘We need to exercise our unique ability as a PE or Professional Editor to make our lives more fruitful and productive. To do this you need to constantly delete bad memories from your day and store only the good ones. You need to do this daily and you need to do it with professionalism.’

Welcome to the last day of your working week. Are you ready to take on your weekend and make the most of it? How are you feeling today? This is actually a pivotal question? A good response reflects an anticipated yes result. Yes, generally refers to accomplishment and fulfilment at the end of each working day. A bad response generally means that your day was less productive, unfulfilled and unaccomplished. To achieve maximum results in all that you do a system of ethical rules need to be adhered to. Successful people from all walks of life follow similar rules. We spoke largely about good eating and regular workouts to maintain a healthy regime. This is important for all meritocratic goal setters. Choosing the right diet and an apt workout can be a trying and expensive decision.  Soon you will have access to my academy of learning allowing you to choose more easily and freely a wide range of exercises and recipes. Having a stream of positive goals also helps and finding information relating to these goals helps even better. A luxurious car for example can be fortified by gathering related photos, detailed specs and possibly a test drive. To maximise your day, you need to overcome the adversities that come upon you, especially the unexpected ones. Taking these setbacks to heart can make you feel mentally sullen and physically fallen. You need to be a PE or a Professional Editor. You need to professionally edit parts of your day, eliminating the bad bits and retaining the good ones. If something went drastically wrong, don’t worry too much about it, focus on what can be done to rectify or overcome the problem. Living with regrets amplifies the problem. Living to forget attenuates the problem. We all make mistakes in life and therefore we need to make allowances for these mistakes. Learning from a mistake helps you to become a better person. Churning from a mistake makes you worst off. You need to hang onto good and fond memories. Recall these memories whenever you feel sullen or fallen. PE or Professional Editing should be undertaken on a daily basis. Learn from others and be willing to pass on your skills as well. Always remember to edit, delete what needs to be forgotten and save the good memories. Playback the good memories in your mind constantly, it really helps. Have a wonderful weekend. It is your special time off. 

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