Friday, 24 June 2016

The DIP Formula

The DIP Formula

Quote of the day

‘The DIP Formula is one aspect of Successful Entrepreneurship. DIP stands for Deduct, Instruct and Produce. To be successful as an entrepreneur you need to deduct a need in the global market. You then need to be instructed to fulfil that need and finally to produce the goods in a professional way to satisfy that need.’

A very warm and pleasant welcome to you on this fabulous Friday afternoon here in good old London Town. A lot of people voted in yesterday’s referendum, some are uncertain of their future whilst others remain optimistic. I say onto you as long as the air remains the same and you believe consistently in yourself then there is nothing to worry about. What you need to focus on is Deduction, Instructions and finally Production. Deduction is an analysis of the needs of the population as a whole and if you can fulfil that need then you are in business. Some people remain in business but do not fully understand the need of the community, they produce what they think is satisfactory. To be successful in life and in business you need to identify the real need of the population at large. Whatever that need is you need to provide professionalism in all instances and at any time of the day. To deliver professionalism you need to be instructed in the said field. In business there are only three categories of employment. These categories are Manufacturing, Sales and Servicing. What category do you feel comfortable to fit in. This is the entry level for you. If it is manufacturing, then open the door to manufacturing. Now as a fully pledge insular country your skills will always be in demand but are you willing to make it last. To become proficient, you need to be trained in a specific way. You need to be Instructed on the process of manufacturing. These Instructions should have stood the test of time. They must come from a reliable source to make you comprehensive rather than apprehensive. An instruction must be able to take your ideas to the next level. That level is the level of Production. Anyone can produce but to produce something with a noted degree of professionalism you need that ‘edge’ or push. The DIP Formula is a useful equation to become successful in life. Its full application follows in later article. Dear Friends, may I take this opportunity to wish you a fabulous weekend filled with the joys and wonders of life.

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