Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sundays for Mondays


Sundays for Mondays

Quote of the day

‘Sundays can be a unique preamble to Mondays. To make Mondays successful you need to start on Sundays. How about an amble along the ocean of your dreams or a ramble along the valleys of your imagination? It is about unscrambling the inhibitions in your life and scrambling onto the summit of your ambitions.’

Welcome to a magnificent Sunday filled with the wonder and splendour of life and fortified with the thunder of the approaching Summer. It is great as ever to have you on board on a new journey to a new destination and that is the year 2017. To assist you I want you to use Sundays to create spectacular Mondays. The focus is on you. It is time to pamper yourself with a hamper of goodies. It is time to beautify your existing beauty and to amplify your zest to exist. It is time to notify your family and friends, your neighbours and colleagues that you are ready to start Mondays with delight and an incredible foresight. It is time to comply with the laws of The Universe and a time to justify your worthy cause amongst a population count that exceeds 7 billion. It is also time to purify your thoughts and rectify your afterthoughts. It is time to multiply your efforts to do good and nullify your efforts to do bad. It is time to simplify your weekly agenda into manageable tasks that can be adequately fulfilled and accomplished. It is time to unify old friends with new friends and a time to identify new friends from older ones. It is time to intensify your quest to do well, your inquest to overcome stress and your request from the heavens above to be safe, sound and secure. It is time to say goodbye to old habits and to welcome to the table of hope new habits. It is time to reply to trouble that lurks across the horizon of uncertainty and to rely on hope on the double across the horizon of certainty. It is time to supply your body with fresh material and a time to supply your mind with substantial and imperial wisdom. It is a time to appreciate your life and to become aware of possibilities that are always available to you. I wish you a wonderful Sunday because you are a wonderful person.

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