Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Journey into the past

Journey into the past

Quote of the day

‘Journey into the past is a unique way to search the archives of Universally Friendly to find a top-notch solution to your dilemma. As your eternal friend I shall always be by your side caring, sharing and remaining fair for eternity.

Good evening to you and welcome to another session on finding love when love turns to hate and embracing happiness when sadness falls upon you. Journey into the past is a symbol to the future. It is about recalling what was once said. It is about calling for assistance and it is about installing the remedy to the perfect destiny. Let us look at an example where you may need to recall, call or install. Let us assume that you are struggling to reach the pinnacle of your success. Simply type in the keyword ‘Success’ and press enter. A list of relevant quotes will appear such as the following.

Then simply choose the one that is most suitable to alleviate you form the mental and physical blockage that you may be experiencing. From it cometh the instructions for you to follow, the production for you to accomplish and the deduction that you have to make. The instructions will always be a set of rules for you to follow that has previously worked. The production will be your new action plan to follow filled with the AIM factor. The AIM factor is the right Aspiration, the right Inspiration and the right Motivation. The Deduction will be your ultimate inference to break away from bad habits that hinders your progress. Tomorrow we shall speak about the AIM Factor and the AIM Academy. On Thursday we shall touch the techniques of how to use The DIP formula, which is Deduct, Instruct and Produce. Have a wonderful evening, with love and best wishes from your eternal friend, Anthony Pan.

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