Friday, 10 June 2016

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Quote of the day

‘What is the real meaning of peace. Everyone chants peace but do we really understand its true meaning. Peace manifests into a mainstream of harmony when men, women, boys and girls walk together hand in hand. Peace is likened to the calmness of the waters from the glaciers at the top of the North Pole to the breakers at the bottom of the South Pole. Peace is the silence you acknowledged when you meditate at the early hours of the morning, it is the silence that you hear when you concentrate during your day and it is the silence that you experience when you contemplate your next move into the next second of your earthly life. Peace is tranquillity when you are in deep prayer establishing concord with yourself and with the heavens above.’

To eradicate conflict from the face of the earth and to annul war in the corridors of confusion we need peace. Welcome to Friday, the 10th of June 2016. I would like to share with you an article that I wrote on the subject of peace, whilst travelling to work. Peace is the conduit to friendship. It is a lifeline of support and a pillar of strength for the weak and the meek. Peace is about the stillness of life. When you peer into a canvas of an artist’s impression of peace you are immediately drawn into the value of life. Peace destresses you. It is a gentle therapy to brush away the tensions of your day. Peace is the recipe for purity and the remedy for insecurity. Peace embraces the young and the old, the wise and the unwise, the gentle and the judgemental and the successful and the unsuccessful. Peace is alive but kept under an eiderdown of deceit making the concept of life confusion with a blend of goodness and badness fused together. I want you to start your weekend with an infusion of peace. harmony and love and remove the confusion of war, discord and hate. I want you to explore the true meaning of peace by experiencing love at home, love in the woods and love in your heart. I want you to love every second of your weekend and use it to propel you forward into a world of wonder, intrigue and mystique. The use of the word intrigue in this instance implies a world of charm, beauty and elegance. The use of the word mystique in this instance implies a world surrounded in an aura of charisma, magic and fascination. I wish you a wonderful and peaceful weekend. May you embrace each other at home and open the doors to the world of your adventure.

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