Friday, 3 June 2016

Brexit or Fixit

Brexit or Fixit

Quote of the day

‘Exiting from an awkward situation is not as effective as fixing the state of affairs that has arisen. Misunderstanding can change to a clearer understanding. Disagreements can revert to a gentler agreement. A dispute can revert to a more fruitful situation that suits either party.’

Bonus Quote

‘Friendship can blossom into eternal love. Love is the foundation to eternal peace.

Welcome to the last day of another working week in the year 2016. It is actually the 22nd week of the year. I hope and pray that your 22 weeks in the year 2016 has been good, fruitful and productive. In the past 22 weeks some of us could have experienced some setbacks that could have created an awkward situation. Today I want to talk about deciding whether to exit such an awkward situation or to consider fixing it. To make a deciding factor to exit something or fix it we need to consider the following. It is often better to maintain friends rather than to obtain enemies. Departure from an awkward situation is often a closure to possibilities. It is often better to understand that we are human beings with the ability to reason and the unforeseen impulse to create some form of treason. To every right there is always an opposing wrong. So, when something is wrong we need to put it right. Conversation is the foundation to better relationships. Confrontation never works and demonstration is even worse. We need to be clear with our intent, we need to steer away from possible torment over a misunderstanding.  We need to cement broken relationships, we need to prevent disputes and we need to consent to something that is beneficial to all. We need to hold hands firmly together in difficulties and to walk together in a modern world as stronger communities. Where there is animosity and atrocity we must annul it with generosity and modesty. Where there is war we need to select peace. Where there is unemployment we need to elect employment. Where is homelessness and hopelessness we need to create wholesomeness and openness. Where there is hate we need to subtract it with love. Where there is poverty we need to overcome it with equality and quality. We need to address deforestation, starvation, immigration, litigation liquidation, victimisation, segregation and overpopulation. What is misunderstood can later be understood. What is in disagreement can be negotiated into a more reasonable agreement. Dear Friends, I urge you to consider fixing something rather than exiting something. Have a wonderful weekend, you deserve it.

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