Saturday, 25 June 2016



Quote of the weekend

‘Memories are the power blocks to the future. Fond memories create corresponding remedies for the years ahead. Old memories make you young again. Celebratory memories transport you to even better achievements. Personal memories create personal goals that alleviate you to a new beginning. Family memories remind you of how to establish stronger families.’

Bonus Quote

Memories are the distinct brand of a successful individual. They are like little pockets of fertile seeds that when sowed into your mind cultivate into flowerbeds of glory and orchards of elevating stories.’

Special Quote

‘Memories are the making of a successful individual. What you see through the looking glass of a memory is what you will want to get. What you feel in the magical corridors of your mind is what you will feel in the eternal passage of your life.’

My humble welcome to my wonderful friends on such a wonderful start to a weekend of wonder, glory and unbeatable sunshine. It is a pleasure to have you here on a channel of inspiration, written for you and directed to you with love and warmth. Today I want you to indulge in a cycle of memories through your personal archive of photographs, letters and thoughts. I want you to select the good memories that brings a smile to your heart and a tingling sensation to your toes. I want you to touch the youth of your life and to recall the special moments that made you laugh and play all day. I want you to remember the days when you were debt free and felt so liberated that the shackles of the modern world could not touch you. This is the feeling I want you to have. I want you to grasp onto the goodness of the days that have gone by and use them to shape the days ahead of you. I want you walk along a sliver cloud of personal goals and touch them with all your passion and feel them to know one day you shall achieve them. You are the angels and the saints of the living world ready to touch a petal and turn it into a precious metal to share with the whole world. You are the light that shines through the darkness of hate and envy and the light that restores peace and equanimity to all. You are the beauty of the world, the teacher to the young and the listener to the old. Bring home those wonderful memories. Bring these memories to the seat of your heart and let it radiate throughout your day. Recall those wonderful memories of your beloved ones that paved the way for us to walk a new road, talk to a new friend and to stock for a raining day. Reminisce on the glory of your youthful days where sandcastles were fun and jungle gyms were for everyone. Celebrate those wonderful birthdays of yesteryear and relive them on your next birthday. Create a collage of memories and a montage of magical moments. Turn dull moments into extraordinary moments. Live in an aura of joy. Love every aspect of your life. Release negativity and capture positivity. Fill the notebook of your day with a textbook of your life and a sketchbook of your future. Do this this weekend and watch how the rainbow of July will be cast upon you like a miracle from heaven. Have a wonderful weekend.

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