Saturday, 4 June 2016

The POP Effect

Things to do, things to undo

Quote of the day

‘Unravelling the mysteries of your life works in a simple way. You need to select the things you need to do, and then deselect the things that can be done later. To do something immediately invokes a steady process of Preparation, Organisation and Performance. I call this the POP! effect.

Welcome to your very 1st weekend of June, the month of Selectivity. To help you along your journey to succeed we need to select and deselect. We need to select the things we have to do and then follow up by deselecting the things we need to undo or to do later on. June is deemed the month of Selectivity. To select things that you need to do helps if you use the POP effect. We all have umpteen things to do but find it quite difficult to prioritise them into immediate, medium or long term projects. Something that is not important often becomes important because we are constantly thinking about. If it is in your wish list by all means get on with it but if it can be done later it helps to focus on the more important ones. The POP effect helps you to do just that. The POP effect is about Preparing, Organising and Performing. Preparing for something is a lot easier when you prioritise. A wish list is about things to do over a period of time. A ‘whish’ list on the other needs to be done straight away. How do you differentiate between a wish list and a ‘whish’ list? It is simple, you select and you deselect and then apply the POP effect. Put your dreams into the category of whish or wish list. ‘Whish’ normally refers to top priority. Wish on the other hand refers to less priority work. To differentiate the two, you need to implement The POP Effect. If you are able to prepare and organise something in good time, then you can categorise this task as part of your ‘whish’ list. Preparing for something with ease and comfort means that you are ready to take on a task. This should be your priority. Preparing is about making a task doable. It is about meeting the workload of that task with confidence. Organising is about being systematic, arranging your task into suitable timeframes, putting them in order rather than putting the cart before the horse.  What follows after this is your performance. All meritocratic goal setters maintain a very high standard when it comes to performance. Anyone can perform a task but to do it with professionalism ensures that you are accomplished and fulfilled at the end of it. When you are struggling to perform a task then it is quite possible that you are not ready to undertake it. Help maybe needed or you simply need to deselect that task and tackle it later on. Always prioritise the tasks that you can do and improvise on the tasks that you cannot do. I wish you well in your 48 hours of sheer relaxation and rest. Do join me later on for Sunday’s article.

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