Thursday, 30 June 2016

Determination is the foundation to Realisation.

Determination is the foundation to Realisation.

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Determination is about Exploration, Transformation, Evaluation, Realisation, Meditation, Inspiration, Negotiation, Administration, Toleration, Implementation, Organisation and Normalisation.

Hello Friends, it is nice to greet you on this fine day and it will be even better to meet you one day. I was thinking at the onset of this morning about the ups and downs of life and how it has such an incredible impact on our lives. We are always told to be determined in whatever we do but somehow we lack the continuance of our determination. To help maintain continuance I suggest observing 12 words on a regular basis and to use them when there are ups and downs in life. These 12 words are Exploration, Transformation, Evaluation, Realisation, Meditation, Inspiration, Negotiation, Administration, Toleration, Implementation, Organisation and Normalisation Take note that these words are derived using the word DETERMINATION as an acronym. The 1st word is Exploration, which is about the assessment of your written tasks preferably a day before.  A lot of us make the common mistake of taking on workloads without realising the responsibilities attached to them.  Exploration allows us to evaluate our tasks for the next day and place them into time slots as per our abilities. What follows after this is an immediate Transformation. Transformation takes the next working day and alters it to a doable day. By Exploring your workload today, you will Transform tomorrow into a doable day but it does not stop there. You need Evaluation. Evaluation is all about Time Management. How long does it take you to perform a specific task allowing for any discrepancies? How long does it take you to fry an egg or walk to the station to board your train? Evaluation creates time slots for your daily agenda. What follows next is Realisation. Realisation makes you understand your responsibilities for the tomorrow. You explored, you transformed and then you evaluated, now comes realisation.  To appreciation or realise the extent of your workload you need to meditate on it. There are various ways to meditate, I prefer the early hours of the morning. Here Inspiration flows like the early morning dew. It is the perfect time of your day to be truly inspired. As you undertake the first task on your memorandum you need participation and cooperation from all members of your team. If you have to leave home at 8 then everyone else must understand this and therefore remove confrontation from the equation. Administration follows you everywhere. Administration is the running of your affairs. It is about proper supervision and paperwork. Without such management your day can fall to pieces. Good Managers of their affairs exercise incredible tolerance. They are fully aware of inhibitions, prohibitions, exhibitions and contradictions and address them with tolerance, patience and understanding. Implementation is about accomplishing your tasks amidst the unforeseen turmoil of your day. Everyone has ups and downs. Success in life is about steering your intent away from the ups and downs of life. We know well that it is out there therefore we need to be alert and vigilant. Organisation is about order at home, at school or University and order at the work front. It is based on good methodology that comes from experience and from learning. Without a good methodology chaos will rampage across the floor. Finally, Dear Friends when you are really determined to overcome the unforeseen and the foreseen events in your day you generally revert to Normalisation. Normalisation is the ideal scenario for all successful meritocratic individuals. Sadly, this does not happen and therefore we need to follow a certain protocol. Normalisation is about control, taking relevant action when things go wrong and maintaining constant action when things are right. Dear Friends, I urge you to be Determined at all times, when there are ups as well as when there are downs. Enjoy the final day of June 2016, I look forward to welcoming you to July 2016. Take good care.

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