Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Entrepreneurs Selections

Entrepreneurs Selections

Quote of the day

‘A successful Entrepreneur works in an ethical manner, sieving good from bad, developing and maintaining a strong character, poised on morality, sentimental to the core, caring for life, sharing with life, believing wholeheartedly in Almighty GOD and holding forth a rigid hand of fairness.’

Welcome to midweek and also the middle of June 2016. I hope and pray that you are enjoying June – the month of selectivity. Today’s article is called Entrepreneurs Selections. It is a selection of specific duties to help shape your road to success. Successful candidates know that the road ahead is always flanked with unforeseen adversities. They know well that trouble looms in the most bizarre circumstances that always results in doom. This article highlights some of those unforeseen parodies that one incurs during the passage of time. Don’t lose hope for there is always a scheduled laid out plan for you to cope. We go through these experiences in life for a reason. We need to determine the reason and then learn from it. Don’t live in fear or shed a tear for our world is a paradise of adventure designed to supplement our lifestyle. What appears as a ‘negative’ in your life you need to supplement it with a ‘positive’. Embrace every moment of your life with a sense of spirit. Don’t live to fight, try to have a better insight of what makes you mad, sad or bad. Fighting is a waste of physical energy and a strain on your mental capacity. Collect fond memories of your life, correct bad memories of your past, perfect your next move and finally respect what you have. Become an editor of your life by deleting unwanted footage and inserting revised footage. Don’t constantly playback bitter footages. Delete them, but before you do learn from them. Don’t live with hate, always look at someone as a great mate. Substitute love for hate and you will see more rewarding results. Confidence delivers competence, overconfidence delivers unforeseen consequences but self-confidence will always deliver providence. Don’t rush into hasty decisions as it generally results in a nasty collision. first consider a careful revision with a certain degree of precision for a better vision. What appears too attractive sometimes is classified as too good to be true. A thorough revision generally gives you a clearer vision. If it is meant for you figures, words and general talk will make more sense and cost less pence at the end of your decision. Learn to appreciate rather than depreciate. Words of appreciation sound more melodic and harmonic. Words of depreciation sound more demonic and idiotic. Appreciation delivers commendation, depreciation delivers degradation. Entrepreneurs Selections helps you to live a more successful lifestyle if you apply it on a daily basis.

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