Saturday 3 October 2015

Eat well, Live Well

Eat well, Live Well

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‘What we eat either meat, wheat, treat or sweets is how we appear to the outside world. Today I want to you to STOP the wrong foods and start eating the right foods and let the world see an Individual that cares about their mental and physical well-being.’

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Eat in Moderation and live with Consideration

Dear Friends, it is so important to understand the difference between Success and Failure. Success is about living a life that is bountiful from birth to death lasting for a period of 100 years, the equivalence of 36,500 days. Every day that passes you from the very first day of your life on planet earth implemented by the care of your parents to the very last day when you say farewell to the world and admire your input as a meritocratic Goal Setter. Success is about daily accomplishments and regular achievements. Success is about caring, sharing and remaining fair throughout your life. Success maintains your temperament to an all high where you just attract the onlookers and admire the wonders of life. To ensure you maintain a strong and healthy lifestyle it is a prerequisite that you exercise regularly and eat well. Yesterday we spoke about Exercising. Today I want to talk about eating moderately and considerately. To eat is to live. To live bountiful however is to eat when required and to eat the right food groups. Today, on the 3rd day of October 2015 I want you to say STOP to bad foods and START to good foods. It is so important to value what you eat, when you eat and how you eat. Food is fuel allowing you to expend energy when needed. Food is building blocks to enable cell replication and bone generation. Food is your defence mechanism to diseases and illnesses. Food forms your nutrients made up of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Eat well and you will perform well. Eat incorrectly and you will perform abnormally. The best analogy that I can think of is a car. If a car is poorly neglected it will perform poorly. Its emissions will be abnormal as per the manufacturer’s original data and it will be unsafe to use. Likewise our body needs that special yearly MOT to ensure we get the right service and the right ingredients into our system. What is your BMI? It should centre around 28 – 30 in an adult. What is your weight? Are you overweight? What is your sugar reading? What is your blood pressure? These are the obvious medical questions you will be asked if you go to a dietician. These are readings you should take at home on a regular basis. To create those golden goals you need golden foods to bring sparkle to your eyes, colour to your skin and muscles that are always toned. Yesterday we spoke about exercises and how we should START exercising and STOP fantasising. Today we need to START Eating Correctly and STOP Eating Incorrectly. Overeating makes you lethargic. A lethargic person spends his or her time fantasising and procrastinating. Golden Goals then becomes stolen goals. Your life is your personal gift from heaven. Like treasures in a cove we need to keep our body and mind attuned at all times. We need to appreciate our life rather than neglect it. Today people disregard their lives and often shorten it by being foolish. Eat well, pay more for less and avoid paying less for more. This always works. Paying more gives you quality and not quantity. Paying less gives you inferior quality and certainly unnecessary quantity. Count the fat and keep your intake per day below 90g. It should be a supermarket exercise. Get to know your foods and to know their fat content such as an egg has 6g of fat and a coated piece of chicken has 27g of fat. Add colour to your supermarket trolley. Avoid the whites and move to the browns. White bread is bad for you. Brown is good for you. Seeded breads are even better. If you are diabetic try to eat Spelt Bread which has an irresistible nutty flavour and helps lower your sugars. It is a bit more expensive but the key to success is always pay more to get less. If your cholesterol is high try soya products which when combined with the right ingredients make a perfect meal. Following The Databank Times Recipe and Fitness columns will help motivate you to make the right decisions. I wish you an absolutely healthy weekend and may you enjoy it to your level best.

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