Sunday 4 October 2015

STOP the Sadness, START the Happiness in life

STOP the Sadness, START the Happiness in life

Quote of the day

‘Polarising your life from a sad one to a happy changing the course of your life. Cruelty that you were exposed to becomes kindness, cold-heartedness turns into compassion and sorrow becomes joy.’

Dear Friends, sadness has held a prominent place in my life from the age of 3 and from all the activities I was engaged in sadness ensured that I was a non-achiever from head to toe. It was only at the age of 35 did I really and truly experience the sound of true happiness. It came to me in a revelation and touched my heart like never before. Today I want to share those experiences with you and to tell you how I polarised my sadness and changed it into everlasting happiness. Today I want you to polarise your sadness and change it into happiness too. Yes, I want you to STOP the sadness in October and START the happiness in your life. I want you to wake up to the tingling sound of happiness as it chimes through your home, with a verbosity of constant inspiration and motivation, a bit like opening your curtain and letting the sunshine fill your heart and listening to the sound of the birds and the bees as you open your window. Happiness is the ecstasy that makes you spring out of bed like a child that aims for laughter during the day. Laughter releasing the tension from your muscles and promotes a smile that captures the day. Happiness brings joy to every cell in your body fighting off the cancerous cells waiting to make you sad. Happiness is an antidote to depression, suppression, oppression and repression. Happiness is 100% elation that makes you drift into a cloud nine scenario making you float into the wonders of your dreams. Happiness is the thrill to be alive in the 21st Century exercising roles that are befitted to your capabilities and wishes. You are the maker of your wishes and your wishes will come true if you polarise your life from a sad one to a happy one. You simply have to believe. Happiness is about the pleasure to serve our Heavenly Father daily with love and untainted devotion. Why are we here, living in 21st Century if we do not have a purpose in life. How can we fulfil that purpose if we remain unhappy? Happiness is the converse of sadness. Sadness brings about madness and rules out the gentleness, kindness and politeness in your mind. Sadness betrays you and makes you sit in a rut of grief, sorrow and unhappiness. Sadness is the misery that life can offer. Sadness makes you depressed and a non-achiever.  Yes, Sadness Dear Friends is a very depressing tool and if you use it constantly it will ruin your life forever. Dear Friends, I say onto and verily too polarise your thoughts and make sadness a thing of the past. Start at home and clean the cobwebs that hold bitter memories of the past. Shine the tarnish in your home that makes your life sad with positivity. Wake up and taste the contentment that happiness can bring to your life. Happiness is free and does not come at a subscription premium. Happiness is the jollity of giving and receiving. Happiness makes your spirits high. Happiness is about the merriness of an autumn day where the leaves create an artistic canvas of infinite joviality. Happiness is your friend. Carry Happiness like you would carry your phone or your wallet and meet the world with a passport that makes all the difference.

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