Wednesday 21 October 2015



Quote of the day

‘Words cannot express how important anniversaries really are. Action does, because action makes you remember the preciousness of life, of a relationship, of a marriage, of living, of loving and of serving. Happy Anniversary to all of you.’

Dear Friends, it is such a blessing to be remembered on your birthday, anniversary or award ceremony or any special event in your life for that matter. There are so many different accolades that people are constantly achieving. Most of it is forgotten but to be remembered encourages us to do so much more. How long does it take to make that call to someone so far away or just a few doors away? How long does it take to send a text or a simple email that can travel around the world in a second? A gift or a gesture of good intentions does not have to big in value but the thought behind it holds immense value. Always start your day willing to greet someone with a smile. It pays to be sweet and yet it does not cost a cent. It pays to be remember someone because they will always remember you in turn. Greet a child with love and respect and they will greet you equally with love and respect. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls your quest in life is not only to create friends but also to sustain a warm relationship once created. 7 Billion People as friends is not a lot but just 1 enemy is enough. Therefore go the extra mile and deliver that endearing smile to cultivate friends and destroy bad feelings that creates enemies. Today I want you to create a new section in your memo pad and that section is called Remembrance. Your remembrance memo should embrace everyone and everything. Your love for life should be shown to all. As much as you give love you will be guaranteed to get the same or even more in return. Such a reward makes working weeks successful, they will always be achievable and doable. Don’t take my word for it but follow the footsteps of someone that is successful and you will see that they appreciate life and give love generously. Two simple words such Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary can make a big difference to someone that triggers a long conversation or a happy moment. You cannot leave home with a sense of discomfort, moodiness or doubt. What troubles you at home should be left at home. You need to depart with a heart that is willing to start living a happy working week. This is the real difference between winning and losing. You need to be sent off to your destination with love and warmth. Remembering anniversaries helps. Many people remember just birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Today I ask you to remember everything.  I want you to remember your wedding, your family’s weddings and your friend’s weddings. I want you to remember birthdates too, in fact everyone’s birthdays. Your dairy must contain a cluster of important dates, at least 365. This then makes every day special for you and for them. This makes you leave home remembered and commended. This is how dreams come true because love is exposed so openly and genuinely.  If it is your birthday today I wish you a very, very happy birthday. If it is your anniversary today I wish you a very, very happy anniversary.  If you graduated a year ago I want you to acknowledge your achievements a year later and the year after that with genuine congratulations messages. Remembering someone or a group of people for their enormous feats encourages them to achieve even more. You can make a difference to others, and other people make a difference to you. Your memo for the day should have at least one or more schedule tasks to phone a friend or an acquaintance to wish them well. This is vital to succeed. It is a humane thing to do. It brings warmth to a person’s heart to know that they have done well and are appreciated for it.

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