Friday 30 October 2015

Water – The Cycle of Life

Water – The Cycle of Life

Quote of the day

‘Water, the essential commodity of life is composed of two simple atoms but amalgamates to create complex structures like you and me. We need to conserve, we need to observe and we need to preserve our essential necessity of life.’

Dear Friends, as you pave the way to a successful future I want you to look back and see whether you left behind a legacy of good deeds for other human beings to follow. Do you care, share and remain fair at all times. Do you donate regularly to assist other people? Do you exercise good deeds on a daily basis without waiting for any recognition or rewards? Do you start your day with a prayer and end it sincerely with gratitude? Do you manage your time profitably and live an accomplished and fulfilling working week? Do you enjoy your weekends to the fullest and ensure that you rest and relax thoroughly? Do you have a cluster of friends that are growing by the day and a zero bag of enemies? Do you believe in GOD? If not, then you should read ‘The Modern Day Trilogy’ where answers to ALL your questions are given. Doing these things in life gives you a valued purpose in life, because without a purpose in life you tend to wander aimlessly, creating a less productive life than ever. Ask me, the greatest loser of all time, I wasted 35 years of my life wandering aimlessly like a robot commanded by my employers and peers for their unselfish advantage. Almost 21 years ago I received an elevation from a revelation that changed my life for good. What I tweet to you on a daily basis is what I do on a daily basis. Now my life is more productive and I now have a chartered route to my final destiny. I value my life and I value the basic tools of life and one of them is water. What will become of me if there suddenly was a scarcity of water? Many people are deprived of running water throughout the world, so such an epidemic is not impossible. Therefore we need to save water and give it liberally to those that need it. Without water we would not exist. Water is the most precious gift on Earth and yet it is composed of two simple atoms. Water covers at least 70% of the Earth’s surface and its distribution exists in three states, solid, liquid and gas. Our bodies contain from 55% to 78% of water, this variance depends on the size of the individual. Water is life and life is water. Water as an anomalous behaviour under different temperatures and therefore life is possible in all conditions. Mars has tapped the curiosity of humans for its poles are capped with frozen water. In 2030 we aim to send the first humans to Mars.  If you read The Modern Trilogy you will already know that man has sent humans to other planets long before this. Where will we be without a drop of water, therefore I urge you as Meritocratic Goal Setters of the 21st Century to value and save water. Our purpose in life is to care, share and remain fair. So you need to give water to those that do not have it. This is one aspect of sharing. At Universally Friendly we support WaterAid and donate regularly to such a charity.  This is the concept of sharing. Collectively we CAN make an enormous difference. We really can. The above video depicts the cycle of water and I think that it remains important that we all understand the cycle of water. From it we can learn to save water. The Cycle of Water includes the following processing which are evaporation, condensation, sublimation, precipitation, transpiration, runoff and infiltration. Together, all of these stages help regulate the Earth’s water supply and climate. As sole custodians of the living world we need to monitor the cycle of water, monitor our usage, monitor our recycling, monitor our emissions and monitor our consumption. As we become appreciative over the basic tools given to us to subsist in a hostile we can eventually become ‘Universally Friendly’ by saving lives and extending them to reach a minimum age of 100 years. Let us make a toast, hold a glass of water in yur hand and thank our Heavenly Father for the greatest tool given to us to sustain life!  A portion of ALL purchases from Universally Friendly and its affiliates is passed onto to charities that effectively make a difference to the world. 

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