Monday 26 October 2015



Quote of the day

‘Starting your day in Prayer will guide you for the rest of your day, over the hurdles of inhibitions that awaits you, down the corridors of confusion that makes you hesitate and through the matrix of stress related symptoms that dampens your spirits.’

Dear Friends, welcome to the start of a new working week. I wish you a success, joy and happiness from the bottom of my heart. With a plan of action and a sense of passion you can become accomplished and fulfilled at the end of each working work. To achieve success at the end of each working week creates an enormous triumph that can be felt within you. I know this feeling because I feel it at the end of each working week. It is a feeling that generates a desire to spend your weekends with the fondness of being alive and well. This is the concord of life whereupon each individual seeks to serve and to serve professionally, assertively, sincerely, spiritually, incessantly, optimistically and naturally. I call this the PASSION effect. To initiate such warmth in the approach to your day I always urge my readers to start their day in prayer. Starting your day in prayer generate passion in your life. With passion you have the power, the energy and the dynamics to achieve your goals. Without starting your day in Prayer, there is a good chance that your day will be ruined. There is a good chance that you will feel unwell, confused, stressed and muddled over what to do. Sadly there is good and bad in the open fields of society and this is something you should not doubt. There is good and bad in continents across the globe and in the divisions within each continent. There is good and bad in each city, across the demarcations of class, industry and retail. There is good and bad in our streets, in every alley and in the quietest cul-de-sacs. There is good and bad in each dwellings from the biggest mansions to the shacks that spring up as a result of unfairness. There is good and bad in every human being including you and me. To experience the wonders of life I say onto you and verily too, start your day in Prayer. Starting your day in prayer in the solitude of you home creates the warmth and glow in your heart to succeed in your new day ahead of you. There is good and bad in the world, and there will always be. There is good and bad in us and therefore I urge you to pray each day. Praying makes you humble. Humbleness creates friends and reduces enemies. A prayer a day certainly keeps the evildoer away. You made your request now let the angels follow you and guide you to a better day. I wish you a better day today. If you are ready to leave home, go back and pray right way. Fill your heart with devotion and sincerity. Fill your memo with scheduled tasks and stick to this throughout your day. Believe in the PASSION effect. Be Professional in all that you do. Be Assertive when performing your tasks. Be Sincere to your fellow human being. Be Spiritual in your heart and start your day sincerely with a prayer. Be Incessant in your performance and let your output be a continuous flow of positivity. Be Optimistic about your life and about your goals and how you shall reach 100 years in the warmest of feelings. Have the Natural flair and flare in you and let our Heavenly Father be proud of your daily contributions to humanity. 

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