Saturday 24 October 2015

Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Quote of the day
‘You are not what you eat as the saying goes, you are what you think, do or say.’

Previous Quote
‘Good Foods prepared with love and passion always yield wonderful moods.’

Bonus Quote
‘Stable Tables Always Bestows Longevity and Eternity.’

Dear Friends, I want to assure you that with a healthy diet and a wealthy lifestyle you shall live onto 100 years of age and float into the magical sphere of eternity upon your death. You have the right and privilege to do so but you need to maintain it. One of the key avenues to success is a proper and balanced diet. The commercial route to overall success will always land you into a melting pot of stress, inhibition and confusion. Yesterday I spoke about the power of Music to overcome your stress, inhibition and your confusion. Today I want to talk about Good Foods. Yes, Good foods does create good moods. Good moods maketh your day like never before. With good moods you can sail the seas, swim the deepest oceans and cross the tallest mountains. Why? You can do it because you do not carry a baggage of stress, a barrier of inhibitions and a passage of confusion. Good moods makes you pleasant to listen to and watch as you show and live by examples. To attain a balance temperament you need to eats foods that work for you. Some foods create certain reactions within you when you eat them. If you are lactose intolerant for example then drinking whole milk can have a damaging effect on your moods. If you are gluten intolerant then your moods will definitely be affected. So one needs to exercise care and caution when eating. I always say put a little colour in your foods and you shall put a little colour into your life. I always say put a little effort into your cooking as well. To this I add by saying eat foods that are natural and wholesome. Good foods generally are less tasty. This is the CENT effect. The CENT effect stands for Colour, Effort, Natural and Taste. Goods foods require you to acquire a taste for them. Bad foods will always taste nice because they are loaded with bad additives. Bad foods create bad moods. They do. A simple experiment will confirm that. If you suffer with IBS then you need to eliminate foods that create that irritable bowel syndrome. Live your life to the fullest by eating foods that are filled with goodness. You can tell good foods from bad foods. I want you to use your weekends to create those special foods to liberate your senses and give you the moods that will make you relaxed and happy. Since we have 48 hours to command over our own intent each and every week of our lives I want us to use our weekend to eat good foods and create those wonderful moods. Many people would say openly you are what you eat. I think that this is an insult. We are not what we eat. We are human beings that have the right to eat. Commerce has made a mockery of our produce. Not all labels are true. Supermarkets are not entirely truthful of what is printed on their labels. Labels have become somewhat of a fable. In other words an allegory of noted additives with no real distinct value. Today I want to put things right on the table. Out goes the labels and in comes the stable concept of eating. Bonus Quote: ‘Stable Tables Always Bestows Longevity and Eternity.’ Do you want to live onto 100 years and beyond? Do you want to move to another life in a different galaxy under a different vestment of good deeds? You can if you want to. However you need to be educated to do the right thing rather than follow what commerce tells you to. Commerce is about trade. It is about the retail of commodities to every individual that needs it. Do you need something that is not up to the standards that nature provides? The answer is a simple no. We need to eat, an elementary necessity in our life, but we need to demand good foods. We need to demand the best products that commerce can deliver. If Commerce cannot do that then we need to say no. We need to become educated to know what is right and what is wrong. What is written on a Restaurant menu is not always what you get delivered on your table. What is said is what should be delivered. Don’t trust in the word of man, trust in GOD. If someone disappoints you then don’t use their services again. Trust in the natural fruits that GOD delivers which is always pure, sure and totally safe and secure. The Databank Times has incredible recipes that you can prepare for as little as a pound.

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