Friday 23 October 2015



Quote of the day

‘Music Undoes Stress, Inhibitions and Confusion.’

Dear Friends, welcome to the penultimate Friday of October 2015. Did you have an accomplished and fulfilling working week? Music helps to make your working week extra special. Therefore I would like to talk about Music, because MUSIC is the perfect prescription to a hard day or a hard working week. Music is written by songwriters that like to convey a message of their own life experiences. As we listen to such wonderful melodies we create a databank of memories pertinent to a particular song. Music is a vital cure to make us pure once more. Music removes the humdrum of life and makes our special moment more exciting and ever so inviting. Music has made us join hands together and commonly made couples become together forever. Music is the rhapsody of modern men and women and of the modern world. Music transports you back in time especially when an oldie is on the air. Music soothes tension when tension flares at the Homefront and at the Work-front as well. Music is written by people that experience life in a different way and want to tell the world about their experiences. When we listen to their composition we also experience something different such as romance or happiness. Music is a composition of melodies that when pieced together brings out a harmony to remember. As we listen we unite our life with these compositions and carry it with us as we get older. When the same music is suddenly played perhaps on a local radio station those memories are recollected in an emotional way. Music is the prescription to remove stress, inhibitions and confusion. Stress is one of the worst anxieties we can ever experience. Stress is a killer if allowed to continue. Music removes the pressure and strain associated with stress. Therefore I urge you to listen to music voluntarily or non-voluntarily. You need to overcome your inhibitions in life. Inhibitions are designed to hamper your progress. A genre of selective music inspires you to overcome such an inhibition. While listening to music you are able to think and to expand your horizon of your capabilities. Music really does work in any given situation. Choosing the right genre of music to suit the climate of your moods helps. Be prepared to listen to anything, because music is a universal language that can be appreciated by anyone. Music dissolves any level of confusion that you may have. Confusion makes you err and confusion makes you misunderstand. Music changes this. Music takes you on a journey of peace and tranquility. 

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