Tuesday 20 October 2015

A Melody of Inspiration

A Melody of Inspiration

Quote of the day

‘Melodies touch the heart in a special way. To wake to a melody of Inspiration carries you to cloud 9 where dreams are realised and goals are materialised.’

A gracious welcome to the start of a new working week. Life is about enjoying it rather than disliking it. There are those that will make you feel that you are just a number and can be replaced at any time. I want to tell you that you are not a number but a human being destined to live on our planet for a period of 100 years. No one can take away this privilege from you. Anger will alter your perception of life and make you do things that you often regret. I say onto you and verily too that you need to switch your anger into composure instantly. Anger achieves a zero output. Today I like you to watch the above video and if possible keep it as a reference source should you feel angry with yourself, annoyed with life, furious to the core, enraged with your current status quo or madden by your predicaments. Melodies touch your heart in a special way. To wake up to a melody of Inspiration carries you to cloud 9 where dreams are realised and goals become materialised. Dreams are aspirations of a different kind. They have purpose and direction and makes you become an achiever rather than a loser. Over the years I penned many Quotes to inspire my friends from around the world. I too from time to time refer to these Quotes when I drift off course. We all have our very own treasure chest of memories, valuables and secret goals which become golden goals when we achieve them. My aim in life is to ensure that I try to assist you in filling your treasure chest with memories, valuables and secret goals bespoke to your needs. Our collective tool to assist us in achieving such a feat is time. Many confuse money with time. Today I want to clarify such a misconception. Time is your greatest asset, money isn’t. With time you can create wealth, with wealth you cannot create time. With time you have life and life is scheduled to last for a period of 100 years for every living individual.  This is a fact and cannot be disproved. It is actually a Universal Law. There are many Universal Laws. We will cover them as we move forward in time with progression and succession.  They are called Universal Laws because we cannot disprove them. They govern the way planets rotate, they create life and transport life to distant planets. Universal Laws have been created by The Master Himself. Believe in yourself and take every given opportunity to excel in what you do. Make your country be proud of your achievements. Show by example and lead by example. Leave behind a legacy of good deeds for others to see and follow. You must start your day by believing in yourself. You must monitor your progress daily and administer your time regularly. You have to be the Accountant of your daily affairs and run a successful life from it. You need to count your pennies and tally them to work for you rather than waste them into unnecessary stock that sits in your larder, attic and shed. You need to meet challenges ahead of you by learning from challenges that drove past you. You need to learn from your mistakes and move forward with a new knowledge base of rights and wrongs. Your Heavenly Father watches over you daily, let HIM be proud of your daily achievements. 

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