Saturday 31 October 2015



Quote of the day

‘Always Seek Knowledge. Knowledge is new and old information waiting to be extracted from the Universe for your own personal use.’

Dear Friends, it is quite emotional for me to bid farewell to October 2015. October holds fond memories for me. On the 18th of October my wife and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. On the 14th of October 2015 my wife celebrated her 51st birthday. You must meet her one day through social media for she is a celebrated chef and the best Teacher I ever met that devotes her time and life to her pupils. I have learnt so much from her. Sometimes when I am in a state of confusion or doubt I simply ASK her for guidance and wisdom. You see Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls knowledge is a database of information available to all. You don’t need to access all of it but certainly to problems relating to your present situation. The world is round and problems go around and around. If you are unlucky as most of us become, don’t worry simply ASK the right person to guide you. Asking a plumber to fix your roof may not necessarily be the right solution, however he or she may direct you to reputable roofer. What is your problem? Everyone has a different problem but generally speaking all problems boil down to two fundamental quantum and that is dollars and cents. Yes, regretfully all our problems stem from the financial hurdle that we often meet and cannot jump over it. Today I want you to identify your problem or your problems. Write it down so that you can see and feel it. The next step is to ASK. Many of us make common mistakes. If we need funds we want to borrow. Borrowing usually gets us into more problems, borrowing moves the goal post further away. Dear Friends, you need to ASK for the right solution. Borrowing is not the right solution but generating an additional income is the right one. Knowledge is vast and it is available to ALL. All you have to do is ASK. In November 2015 my theme is to say NO in NOvember. This cognates well with what I stressed in October. I want you to say NO to negativity but yes to productivity. I want you to say NO to procrastination and yes to implementation. I want you to say NO to tardiness and yes to hardiness that always delivers happiness. I want you to say NO to unfriendliness and yes to friendliness. In October we used the STOP and START routine as a warm up to November, because in November it must be a definite NO. For example in October I suggested STOP Fantasising and START Exercising. If you missed this important article please read it at:

In November I want you to say a definite NO to fantasising. You have to implement an exercise routine. Struggling then simply ASK and I shall direct you to the right source. Don’t wait for the 1st of January to start your New Year’s Resolutions. Start right away. Still thinking about it, no worries. Need help just ASK. I am always here to help. Why, because I was given a second chance 21 years ago to renew my life and start again. Enjoy every moment of the last day of October 2015. Think ahead, imagine what you can do and what you want to do in 2016. Take the first step and get started and keep the ball in motion. Be like the Earth that revolves continually. Be like the hummingbird that keeps its wings beating. Be alive and say NO to hindrances that come your way.

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