Wednesday 14 October 2015

Stardust – Part 1

Stardust – Part 1

Quote of the day

‘Overcoming your sad emotions can be polarised if you turn them into magical moments using a simple raindrop of STARDUST.’

Stardust is a special glaze of energy created to assist living organisms when they are in trouble. Stardust is real, it is magical and is derived from The Universe. From the magic of Stardust comes elementary elements such as hydrogen and helium to complex structures like rotating planets and supernovas and finally incredible human beings like you and me. So, when there is a distinct feeling of rejection, intimidation, abuse, vulnerability, sadness, discomfort or pain look into the skies and capture a drop of stardust. Overcoming your sad emotions can be polarised if you turn them into magical moments using a simple raindrop of STARDUST. It is about the sprinkle of STARDUST into a dull moment in your life and turning it into a cheerful and optimistic moment. Stardust is the magic of life, creating building blocks to create mammoth structures such as planets and unique individuals like you and me. You don’t have to take my word for it, just gaze above and see for yourself. When trouble looms in the darkness of your life always go back to the start of a bright gleaming star. Don’t only look at the glitter or twinkle that a star in the distance holds but look right into the star where magic is born. This is the magic you need in your life when the tables are turned in your day either at home or at work. Feelings as we spoke about yesterday will always have an impact on your life. Good feelings makes a good day, bad feelings makes a bad day. We need to aim for the good days in our lives. To do this effectively we need to seek help from above. We need the magical intervention of our Heavenly Father who watches over us daily. We must always remember that problems don’t just occur, we create them. Likewise, solutions don’t just come about we need to find them. Sometimes when the going gets tough we need the spiritual intervention from above. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you have a life. You are here on planet Earth living in the 21st Century. Don’t be bogged down to feel miserable, unwanted or rejected. People want you to be miserable, unwanted and rejected. I say onto you and verily too, that GOD wants you, GOD needs you and GOD believes in you. You need to connect with the heavens above when trouble is about. Don’t let fools make you believe otherwise. You need to have the mind-set of never being bogged down and never allowing others to hinder your progress. You are here on planet Earth for a reason and therefore you need to respond to that reason. So, without fail when darkness falls upon you turn on the lights in your life using the energy of The Universe.

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