Wednesday 28 October 2015



Quote of the day

Goals, Our Answer to a Life of Success.’

Dear Friends, as I pen this article to you I know in my heart that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. If this was not true I would certainly not write such an article to mislead you. Life is wonderful if you want it to be. Life is about living it and enjoying it. Life is about creating friends and exploring the world that we live in. Life is about being debt free and having access to anything that you want. Life is about building a family that will follow you in your unselfish footsteps and become leaders in their own field. Life is really wonderful, it really is. Just take my word for it if you regard me as your friend. I want to assure you that you can achieve anything that you want in life from the rudiments of a good education to the comfort of a beautiful home that you can call your domain or your castle. It takes courage to start on a journey towards a successful future for the elements out there in the world of commerce is designed to get the better of you. Today I want to tell you and quite amicable too that there is a way to a successful career and that journey starts from within you. With daily inspiration from me and recommended books and support material from Universally Friendly you shall be equipped to make 2016 your year of triumph and total victory. With just 64 days to the beginning of a New Year I earnestly want you to consider your goals or New Year’s Resolutions with the seriousness that it deserves.  Creating those golden goals can make life changing moments for you, to do things that you could only dream of. We spoke about having the perfect body to execute your goals and having a balanced mind to conjure up those unique goals bespoke to you. Today I want to drive a message of hope to get you started and to help you build a collage of golden goals. You need to observe the world in front of you and like a piece of a jigsaw you need to fit into it. Your eyes create the passage for images to enter into your mind. Therefore you need to seek images pertinent to your needs and form a collage of magnificence and glory. We all have the intuitiveness in us to become successful but sometimes we fail to grasp onto the fundamentals of Success. I would define Success as follows: ‘Success is a personal achievement by an individual to live an unselfish life by caring, sharing and remaining fair.’ Many a Success dweller looks at the materialistic advantages of being successful. They think money and they become money orientated for the rest of their lives. Today I want to tell you that money is not as important as developing the passion and desire to succeed in a niche of benevolent living bespoke to your needs. Different people have different abilities to generate an income. Income does not determine your outcome. What really determines your outcome is the way you want to spend the rest of your life on planet Earth. Your starting point will be a list of unselfish goals. What you then really need is to narrow this list to a list of golden and unselfish goals that gives you satisfaction in achieving them and liberates you from the clutches of commerce. You should seek a life that is debt free. You should live a life that is filled with happiness and joy. From these basic requirements comes forth your future. A future that brings joy to your heart and soul and a future that makes you drift across cloud 9.

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