Sunday, 18 January 2015


Quote of the day
‘Strength is a towering word for it entails a forte of power, force, might and vigour to lift a grain of sand or a mountain of sand from one point to another. Without strength you cannot move forward to achieve whatever workload that stands in front of you.’

To develop a forte of True Strength takes time and endless courage for standing at the end of the corridor of your day weakness awaits you in the usual way leaving you dismal for yet another day. Strength is something that you need to develop like muscles that need toning. Strength is not about muscles but rather about the inner power, vigour, might and force hidden within you that using muscles to perform work. You must understand wholeheartedly that without work nothing can be done. Goals remain as dreams if no work is undertaken. Objects remain in the same position until work is undertaken. In Physics we define work in a specific way but this work is still the same effort needed for you to execute your daily workload from simplistic chores to complex ones. Let us first look at the more scientific definition of work.  Work is said to be done when the point of application of a force moves and is measured by the product of the force and the distance moved in the direction of the force. Let us now take a simple aspect of your workload at this precise moment and downgrade the scientific description of work into a simpler and more holistic approach.  Work such as moving an object from a mug to a jug, from a spark plug to a scatter rug, from taking a drug to pulling a plug requires that force or strength for without this source of energy that mug, jug, spark plug, rug, drug or plug will remain in exactly the same position. Sometimes we do not move objects or ideas or goals because we are ‘lazy’. In other words we have strength within us but do not utilise it correctly. Whatever your chore is for the day without using your strength or part of it you will never fulfil or accomplish it. Strength is your forte that needs attention and development. It requires nutrition, lubrication, participation and proper condition. Strength makes dreams come true. Strength is actually True Energy in motion. You need to keep your strength in proper shape otherwise you will be somewhat lazy and always procrastinate. Therefore you always need to remember as a meritocratic goal setter without developing your strength you will never be able to execute your daily grind in good time. You need strength like you need water. You need strength to make dreams come true. 

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