Monday, 12 January 2015

2015 reasons for a better 2015

‘2015 reasons for a better 2015’
Quote of the day
‘2015 has 2015 reasons to make your life a grand success. Whatever you desire you shall transcend. Whatever you contemplate you shall you consummate. Whatever you feel passionate about you shall become compassionate.’
There are so many diverse opportunities for all in the magnitude and opulence of The Universe. Today I want you to pick out at least several grand opportunities tailored made for your requirements to achieve before the end of the year. 2015 reasons to make 2015 your year is the way to go. Listed below are some of the 2015 reasons:

·         Start your very own Business
·         Become financially independent
·         Buy your own home
·         Loose weight
·         Be happy 24/7
·         Buy a car
·         Get a better and more rewarding job
·         Start your own business
·         Get Married
·         Go on a holiday
·         Reduce your debts to zero
·         Start a hobby
·         Learn a new language

These are just part of a list of 2015 reasons to make 2015 a grand success for you. If you require the full list let me know and I will email it to you. In this comprehensive list there will be something for you or a combination of several things to do. 2015 is a key year for all of us. It is up to our individual passions and desires to see us to a merry end. As for me I have several mammoth goals to deliver and accomplish in 2015. Will I achieve it? I know I will. What are my secrets? It is simple:

·         Read The Modern Day Trilogy word for word
·         Start believing in myself by becoming ABLE in everything that I do.
·         Start my day with a prayer and end it solemnly with gratitude
·         Care, share and remain fair.
·         Seek unselfish goals, speak with honesty and never feel weak in any week.
·         Be inspired daily by reading inspirational material bespoke to my needs.
·         Care for the flora, the fauna and our planet.
·         Recycle, cycle, keep fit, be a HIT, eat moderately and be considerate.
·         Learn to earn. Do a good turn. Show concern for the needy and return a smile.
·         Have passion, have desire. Show love and be humble.

These are the common techniques I use annually. I stick to my agenda from dawn to dusk. I feel accomplished and fulfilled by the end of the week and repeat the process on Monday morning. My weekends are important for it helps me unwind, rewind and more become more defined. 

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