Monday, 26 January 2015

The Riveting Conclusion to January 2015

‘The Riveting conclusion to January 2015’
Quote of the day
‘A riveting lifestyle is what you want to latch onto. The air you breathe in must be captivating. The aroma of your intent must be spellbinding and the colour of your personality must be exhilarating.’

Dear Friends, as I pen my article to you today I feel so riveted in my words as if I want to echo a similar resonance to you trying to steer you to feel the same. We started to build our fortress of health, wealth and prosperity when the New Year began 26 days ago. Prior to that we envisaged how our elaborate fortress will look and what we wanted to put into it. We earmarked the blueprint, we committed our goals to paper, we took snapshots of them and gathered inspirational value bespoke to our needs. On the 1st of January we started to build, some more than others and some still ready to start. Nevertheless at the end of this week, the final working week of January we will be able to determine how the end of year will pan out for us. The first of February will act as a gauge telling us a lot about what is to come and what needs to be done. Fortresses are not erected overnight but if the trenches are already been dug or the first brick is laid it reveals your determination to overcome procrastination. We all know that a better and riveting lifestyle is a common denominator for us all. No one wants a lifestyle that is depressing, oppressing, distressing, suppressing or stressful. To move away from the abnormalities of life we need to open new doors that are fascinating, enthralling, exciting, interesting and exhilarating. A Fascinating Lifestyle is one that is attractive and charming. It is mellow and purposeful. An Enthralling Lifestyle is one that is absorbing making you drenched with True Energy in the presence of your work, play or rest. An Exciting Lifestyle is one that stimulates you to get up and meet the day. It is a feeling of enthusiasm, passion and extreme desire. Every cell in your body wants a piece of the action. An Interesting Lifestyle is one that lacks boredom. Boredom is monotony to the inner core of your subconscious mind making you lack the rhythm to get up and go. An Exhilarating Lifestyle keeps your mind, body and soul in tune with your needs. Your mind sends signals to your body and your body performs at its best. You are excited, you are elated and you are invigorated. This sums up my conclusion to the final working week of January 2015, I want you to feel riveted. I want you to step into February 2015 with a riveted feeling and as you build your unique fortress brick by brick every morsel of mortar that you use shall be mixed with fascination, enthralment, excitement, interest and exhilaration.

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